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Package jack-tools

Tools for JACK


This package contains official tools from the JACK project.

Version: 4

General Commands

alsa_in Jack clients that perform I/O with an alternate audio interface
alsa_out alias for alsa_in
jack_bufsize JACK toolkit client to change the JACK buffer size
jack_connect JACK toolkit clients for connecting & disconnecting ports
jack_disconnect alias for jack_connect
jack_freewheel JACK toolkit client to control freewheeling mode
jack_iodelay JACK toolkit client to measure roundtrip latency
jack_load JACK toolkit client for loading in-process clients
jack_lsp JACK toolkit client to list information on ports
jack_monitor_client The JACK Audio Connection Kit example client
jack_netsource Netjack Master client for one slave
jack_property JACK client to list, set and delete metadata information
jack_samplerate JACK toolkit client to print current samplerate
jack_transport JACK toolkit client for transport control
jack_unload The JACK Audio Connection Kit example client
jack_wait JACK toolkit client to check and wait for existence/exit of jackd.