Package jack-audio-connection-kit-example-clients

Example clients that use Jack

Small example clients that use the Jack Audio Connection Kit.

General Commands (Section 1)
A JACK client that opens a specified audio interface (different to the one used by the JACK server, if any) and moves audio data between its JACK ports and the...
jack_bufsize sets the size of the buffer (frames per period) used in JACK. This change happens on-line (the JACK server and its clients do not need to be...
jack_connect connects the two named ports. jack_disconnect disconnects the two named ports.
jack_freewheel Turns freewheeling mode on (y) or off (n). While in freewheeling mode, the JACK server does not wait in between process() calls, and does not...
jack_iodelay will create one input and one output port, and then measures the latency (signal delay) between them. For this to work, the output port must be...
jack_load is a JACK toolkit client. It loads the specified plugin and creates an in-process client.
jack_lsp lists all known ports associated with a JACK server. It can also optionally list various kinds of information about each port.
jack_metro is a simple metronome for JACK. It generates a synthetic "tick" sound for every beat. Note that is does not connect its output port by default - to...
jack_monitor_client is an example client for the JACK Audio Connection Kit. It enables monitoring for the specified client.
jack_netsource The Master side of a netjack connection. Represents the slave jackd -dnet in the master jack graph. Most connection parameters are configured via...
jack_samplerate prints the current samplerate, and exits.
jack_showtime prints the current timebase information to stdout
jack_simple_client is an example client for the JACK Audio Connection Kit. It creates two ports (client-name:input and client-name:output) that pass the data...
jack_transport is a toolkit client for the JACK Audio Connection Kit. It provides command-line control over the JACK transport system. Type help at...
jack_unload is the counterpart to jack_load and unloads the specified client.
jack_wait When invoked with -c it only checks for the existence of a jack server. When invoked with -w the program will wait for a jackd to be available. The -q...