Package jabberd

OpenSource server implementation of the Jabber protocols

The jabberd project aims to provide an open-source server implementation of
the Jabber protocols for instant messaging and XML routing. The goal of this
project is to provide a scalable, reliable, efficient and extensible server
that provides a complete set of features and is up to date with the latest
protocol revisions.

jabberd2 is the next generation of the jabberd server. It has been
rewritten from the ground up to be scalable, architecturally sound, and to
support the latest protocol extensions coming out of the JSF.

This package defaults to use pam and sqlite.

System Administration (Section 8)
c2s accepts incoming connections from clients, performs authentication and registration functions, and communicates with the session manager on their behalf.
jabberd is a script that runs the various components that make up the jabberd "server".
router is the core component of the jabberd system. It passes XML packets between the components, and manages the entry and exit of components onto the network.
s2s manages connections between local components and other Jabber servers.
sm provides instant messaging services to Jabber clients. It performs all the essential instant messaging services like rosters, presence tracking, message...