Package iwyu

C/C++ source files #include analyzer based on clang

"Include what you use" means this: for every symbol (type, function, variable,
or macro) that you use in (or foo.cpp), either or foo.h should
include a .h file that exports the declaration of that symbol. (Similarly, for, either or foo.h should do the including.) Obviously
symbols defined in itself are excluded from this requirement.

This puts us in a state where every file includes the headers it needs to
declare the symbols that it uses. When every file includes what it uses,
then it is possible to edit any file and remove unused headers, without fear
of accidentally breaking the upwards dependencies of that file. It also
becomes easy to automatically track and update dependencies in the source

Version: 0.20

General Commands

include-what-you-use analyze includes in C and C++ source files.