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Package ivykis-devel

Development files for the ivykis package


ivykis is a library for asynchronous I/O readiness notification.
This package contains files needed to develop applications using

Version: 0.43

Library Functions

IV_EVENT_INIT alias for iv_event
IV_EVENT_RAW_INIT alias for iv_event_raw
IV_FD_PUMP_INIT alias for iv_fd_pump
IV_INOTIFY_INIT alias for iv_inotify
IV_INOTIFY_WATCH_INIT alias for iv_inotify
IV_POPEN_REQUEST_INIT alias for iv_popen
IV_SIGNAL_INIT alias for iv_signal
IV_WAIT_INTEREST_INIT alias for iv_wait
IV_WORK_ITEM_INIT alias for iv_work
IV_WORK_POOL_INIT alias for iv_work
iv_deinit alias for iv_init
iv_event manage ivykis objects for event notification
iv_event_post alias for iv_event
iv_event_raw manage ivykis objects for event notification
iv_event_raw_post alias for iv_event_raw
iv_event_raw_register alias for iv_event_raw
iv_event_raw_unregister alias for iv_event_raw
iv_event_register alias for iv_event
iv_event_unregister alias for iv_event
iv_examples ivykis examples
iv_fatal ivykis fatal error condition handling
iv_fd deal with ivykis file descriptors
iv_fd_pump pump data between file descriptors
iv_fd_pump_destroy alias for iv_fd_pump
iv_fd_pump_init alias for iv_fd_pump
iv_fd_pump_is_done alias for iv_fd_pump
iv_fd_pump_pump alias for iv_fd_pump
iv_fd_register alias for iv_fd
iv_fd_register_try alias for iv_fd
iv_fd_registered alias for iv_fd
iv_fd_set_handler_err alias for iv_fd
iv_fd_set_handler_in alias for iv_fd
iv_fd_set_handler_out alias for iv_fd
iv_fd_unregister alias for iv_fd
iv_init initialise and deinitialise ivykis
iv_inited alias for iv_init
iv_inotify ivykis inotify(7) wrapper
iv_inotify_register alias for iv_inotify
iv_inotify_unregister alias for iv_inotify
iv_inotify_watch_register alias for iv_inotify
iv_inotify_watch_unregister alias for iv_inotify
iv_invalidate_now alias for iv_time
iv_main enter the ivykis main loop
iv_popen popen(3) for ivykis applications
iv_popen_request_close alias for iv_popen
iv_popen_request_submit alias for iv_popen
iv_quit signal ivykis to exit the main loop
iv_set_fatal_msg_handler alias for iv_fatal
iv_signal ivykis signal handling
iv_signal_register alias for iv_signal
iv_signal_unregister alias for iv_signal
iv_task deal with ivykis tasks
iv_task_register alias for iv_task
iv_task_registered alias for iv_task
iv_task_unregister alias for iv_task
iv_thread ivykis thread convenience functions
iv_thread_create alias for iv_thread
iv_thread_set_debug_state alias for iv_thread
iv_time ivykis time handling
iv_timer deal with ivykis timers
iv_timer_register alias for iv_timer
iv_timer_registered alias for iv_timer
iv_timer_unregister alias for iv_timer
iv_tls thread-local storage handling for ivykis modules
iv_tls_user_ptr alias for iv_tls
iv_tls_user_register alias for iv_tls
iv_validate_now alias for iv_time
iv_wait ivykis wait4(2) wrapper
iv_wait_interest_register alias for iv_wait
iv_wait_interest_register_spawn alias for iv_wait
iv_wait_interest_unregister alias for iv_wait
iv_work ivykis worker thread management
iv_work_pool_create alias for iv_work
iv_work_pool_put alias for iv_work
iv_work_pool_submit_work alias for iv_work
ivykis library for asynchronous I/O readiness notification