Package isdn4k-utils

Utilities for configuring an ISDN subsystem

The isdn4k-utils package contains a collection of utilities needed for
configuring an ISDN subsystem.

General Commands
Command Description
autovbox ISDN voice box (sound converter)
capifax a FAX send application for CAPI
isdnbill report isdn costs
isdnconf manipulate or read ISDN phone number config files.
isdnrate Print telephone rates and various info from rate-files(5).
isdnrep report ISDN activity
rmdtovbox isdn voice box (sound converter)
vbox interact with recorded messages
vboxbeep isdn voice box (beeper)
vboxconvert isdn voice box (converter backend)
vboxctrl control vbox functions
vboxmode detect format of isdn voice file
vboxplay play vbox sound files
vboxtoau isdn voice box (sound converter)
Special Files
Special File Description
isdn_audio audio extension of ttyI ISDN character devices
isdnctrl ISDN control device
isdninfo ISDN status device
ttyI ISDN character devices with modem emulator
File Formats
File Description
callerid.conf config file for isdnlog numbers and scripts
isdn.conf config file for isdnlog
isdnformat common isdn config file format
isdnlog isdn log file
isdnlog.users user base isdnlog config file
rate.conf rate and provider configuration
rate-files Format of rate-files
vbox.conf config file for vbox
vboxd.conf config file for vboxd (the daemon)
vbox_file file format
vboxrc user config file for vbox
Name Description
isdn_cause Description of ISDN cause messages.
System Administration
Command Description
avmcapictrl Add, reset or remove active AVM cards and load firmware
capifaxrcvd a FAX receive daemon for CAPI
capiinfo Show supported features of all installed CAPI2.0 controllers
capiinit start or stop CAPI-capable ISDN cards
capiplugin Plugin for pppd (Point-to-Point Protocol daemon)
hisaxctrl configure HiSax-Module
icnctrl configure ICN ISDN adaptor
imon watch ISDN activities
imontty display status of all ISDN lines
ipppd (ISDN) Point to Point Protocol daemon
ipppstats print PPP statistics
iprofd Modem-register daemon
isdnctrl get/set ISDN device information
isdnlog isdn log system (and more)
loopctrl configure isdnloop ISDN driver
mkzonedb Utility create a zone file for isdnlog
rcapid remote CAPI server
vboxd isdn voice box daemon
vboxmail script to send notification of new voice message