ISDN 4 Linux

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Convert .au files (Sun audio format) on standard input into vbox files (vbox audio header) on standard output. autovbox is a link to vboxcnvt(1).
isdnbill is a simple and imperfect utility to show the bill for ISDN calls. Note that it is only for indicative purposes! It works best in Germany, and even...
Isdnrep reads the isdnlog log files, generates reports, does statistics, and other things. It can also generate HTML output for use with a web server.
Convert rmd files (vbox 1.x voice files) to new vbox format.
This is the program with which you can listen to recorded messages.
vboxbeep is a daemon, that watches several message directories. If new messages are found it will beep. Vboxbeep does not use vboxd, it can only watch local...
This is the real converter, the backend. Don't call it directly; call it by one of its other names: autovbox, rmdtovbox, vboxtoau or vboxmode.
vboxctrl controls a number of vbox functions. The user's password is asked before performing the requested action.Options
Vboxmode detects format of isdn voice files and au files (sun audio format).
vboxplay interfaces with sox to play the specified sound file. Note that currently the volume parameter is ignored.
With vboxtoau you can convert files with vbox audio header to .au files (sun audio format). vboxtoau is a link to vboxcnvt.
This document describes the audio related extensions of the modem emulation, provided by /dev/ttyIx. The ISDN tty devices are equipped with a modem emulation...
/dev/isdnctrl is a character device with major number 45 and minor numbers 64 to 127. It allows controlling functionality of the Linux ISDN subsystem.
/dev/isdninfo is a character device with major number 45 and minor number 255. It delivers status information from the Linux ISDN subsystem to user level.
ttyI[0-63] are emulated tty devices of the Linux ISDN subsystem. These devices can be used in the same way as the traditional serial devices ttySx. The official...
This file has the format described in isdnformat(5). It must be owned by root, and only root may have write access. Every user can create his private telephone...
The config file has the format described in isdnformat(5). I recommend starting isdnlog with -f/etc/isdn/isdn.conf, and storing all options in this file in...
This man page describes the format of all isdn config files.
The main purpose of isdnlog is to create a log file with information about all incoming and outgoing calls, namely: this file. The file has 19 fields, separated...
This file is only needed if isdnlog is started with the "-xX" / "xisdn=" option. If this file does not exist, isdnlog will create a default file and print a...
isdnlog and related programs like isdnrep or isdnrate obtain the information about telephone rates or fees from a rate-file. In addition to the general data...
This file is used to configure when and on what conditions calls are taken. It can also be used to define which CALLERID is used with which person. Everything...
This file is used to configure who may access which voice box folders. Everything after "#" is ignored, as are empty lines. All arguments must be separated by...
With version 2.0.0 of vbox the recorded files have a new header, that does not only include compression mode and connection information, but also information...
The file /etc/isdn/vboxgetty.conf is used to configure vboxgetty. Please read the man page vboxgetty(8) for a description of how vboxgetty works. Everything...
Every user can save settings in ~/.vboxrc. Everything after "#" is ignored, as are empty lines. All arguments must be separated by whitespace (spaces, tabs)...
This document describes the cause messages, used with the ISDN D-channel protocols EDSS1 and 1TR6 and their format, visible to the user.
Isdnlog gets information from your isdn card, decodes this information, and can do anything with it, such as logging, starting programs, and more. All options...
Vboxd is a daemon which is accessed via tcp/ip and can give you the messages recorded with vboxgetty, or change them. vboxd uses port 20012 (tcp and udp), as...
Vboxgetty is the heart of vbox: it watches the isdn system and waits for incoming voice calls,
vboxmail is used by vboxgetty to send notification of a new voice message via email. It is not meant to be called directly by any user. You can make local...