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Package ipvsadm

Utility to administer the Linux Virtual Server


ipvsadm is used to setup, maintain, and inspect the virtual server
table in the Linux kernel. The Linux Virtual Server can be used to
build scalable network services based on a cluster of two or more
nodes. The active node of the cluster redirects service requests to a
collection of server hosts that will actually perform the
services. Supported Features include:
  - two transport layer (layer-4) protocols (TCP and UDP)
  - three packet-forwarding methods (NAT, tunneling, and direct routing)
  - eight load balancing algorithms (round robin, weighted round robin,
    least-connection, weighted least-connection, locality-based
    least-connection, locality-based least-connection with
    replication, destination-hashing, and source-hashing)

Version: 1.31

System Administration

ipvsadm Linux Virtual Server administration
ipvsadm-restore restore the IPVS table from stdin
ipvsadm-save save the IPVS table to stdout