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Package iptables-nft

nftables compatibility for iptables, arptables and ebtables


Version: 1.8.10

System Administration

arptables-nft ARP table administration (nft-based)
arptables-nft-restore Restore ARP Tables (nft-based)
arptables-nft-save dump arptables rules to stdout (nft-based)
ebtables-nft Ethernet bridge frame table administration (nft-based)
ebtables-translate alias for xtables-translate
ip6tables-restore-translate alias for xtables-translate
ip6tables-translate alias for xtables-translate
iptables-restore-translate alias for xtables-translate
iptables-translate alias for xtables-translate
xtables-monitor show changes to rule set and trace-events
xtables-nft iptables using nftables kernel api
xtables-translate There is a set of tools to help the system administrator translate a given ruleset from iptables(8), ip6tables(8) and ebtables(8) to nftables(8).