Package iprutils

Utilities for the IBM Power Linux RAID adapters

Provides a suite of utilities to manage and configure SCSI devices
supported by the ipr SCSI storage device driver.

System Administration (Section 8)
iprconfig is used to configure IBM Power RAID storage adapters, display information about them, and to perform adapter and disk unit recovery. The menu options...
iprdbg is used to debug IBM Power RAID storage adapters.
iprdump is used to gather information in the event of an adapter failure. The dump data will by default be saved in the /var/log/ directory with the prefix...
iprinit is used to setup IBM Power RAID adapters and devices for optimal performance. It will enable U320 scsi speeds if it is determined the disk enclosure...
iprsos is used to generate an sosreport-like report by collecting hardware information from the system, along with other system calls such as lspci, lscsi, and...
iprupdate is used to update the microcode on IBM storage adapters and the disk units attached to them to a minimum supported level. It can be run at any time...