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Package iproute-tc

Linux Traffic Control utility


The Traffic Control utility manages queueing disciplines, their classes and
attached filters and actions. It is the standard tool to configure QoS in

Version: 6.8.0

See also: iproute, iproute-devel.


tc-hfsc Hierarchical Fair Service Curve

System Administration

tc show / manipulate traffic control settings
tc-actions independently defined actions in tc
tc-basic basic traffic control filter
tc-bfifo The pfifo and bfifo qdiscs are unadorned First In, First Out queues. They are the simplest queues possible and therefore have no overhead.
tc-bpf BPF programmable classifier and actions for ingress/egress queueing disciplines
tc-cake Common Applications Kept Enhanced (CAKE)
tc-cbs Credit Based Shaper (CBS) Qdisc
tc-cgroup control group based traffic control filter
tc-choke choose and keep scheduler
tc-codel Controlled-Delay Active Queue Management algorithm
tc-connmark netfilter connmark retriever action
tc-csum checksum update action
tc-ct tc connection tracking action
tc-ctinfo tc connmark processing action
tc-drr deficit round robin scheduler
tc-ematch extended matches for use with "basic", "cgroup" or "flow" filters
tc-etf Earliest TxTime First (ETF) Qdisc
tc-ets Enhanced Transmission Selection scheduler
tc-flow flow based traffic control filter
tc-flower flow based traffic control filter
tc-fq Fair Queue traffic policing
tc-fq_codel Fair Queuing (FQ) with Controlled Delay (CoDel)
tc-fq_pie Flow Queue Proportional Integral controller Enhanced
tc-fw fwmark traffic control filter
tc-gact generic action
tc-gate Stream Gate Action
tc-hfsc Hierarchical Fair Service Curve's control under linux
tc-htb Hierarchy Token Bucket
tc-ife encapsulate/decapsulate metadata
tc-matchall traffic control filter that matches every packet
tc-mirred mirror/redirect action
tc-mpls mpls manipulation module
tc-mqprio Multiqueue Priority Qdisc (Offloaded Hardware QOS)
tc-nat stateless native address translation action
tc-netem Network Emulator
tc-pedit generic packet editor action
tc-pfifo alias for tc-bfifo
tc-pfifo_fast three-band first in, first out queue
tc-pie Proportional Integral controller-Enhanced AQM algorithm
tc-police policing action
tc-prio Priority qdisc
tc-red Random Early Detection
tc-route route traffic control filter
tc-sample packet sampling tc action
tc-sfb Stochastic Fair Blue
tc-sfq Stochastic Fairness Queueing
tc-simple basic example action
tc-skbedit SKB editing action
tc-skbmod user-friendly packet editor action
tc-skbprio SKB Priority Queue
tc-stab Generic size table manipulations
tc-taprio Time Aware Priority Shaper
tc-tbf Token Bucket Filter
tc-tunnel_key Tunnel metadata manipulation
tc-u32 universal 32bit traffic control filter
tc-vlan vlan manipulation module