Package ipmiutil

Easy-to-use IPMI server management utilities

The ipmiutil package provides easy-to-use utilities to view the SEL,
perform an IPMI chassis reset, set up the IPMI LAN and Platform Event Filter
entries to allow SNMP alerts, Serial-Over-LAN console, event daemon, and
other IPMI tasks.
These can be invoked with the metacommand ipmiutil, or via subcommand
shortcuts as well. IPMIUTIL can also write sensor thresholds, FRU asset tags,
and has a full IPMI configuration save/restore.
An IPMI driver can be provided by either the OpenIPMI driver (/dev/ipmi0)
or the Intel IPMI driver (/dev/imb), etc. If used locally and no driver is
detected, ipmiutil will use user-space direct I/Os instead.

Version: 3.1.2

System Administration

ialarms display and set alarm indicators
icmd a tool to send specific IPMI commands via the command line.
iconfig list, save, and restore BMC configuration parameters
idcmi handle DCMI functions
idelloem OEM commands for Dell servers
idiscover discover IPMI LAN-enabled nodes
iekanalyzer run FRU-Ekeying analyzer with FRU files
ievents decode IPMI and PET event data
ifirewall configure the IPMI firmware firewall functions
ifru show Field Replacable Unit configuration data
ifwum Update IPMC using Kontron OEM Firmware Update Manager
igetevent wait for IPMI events
ihealth ipmiutil_health- show IPMI health
ihpm PICMG HPM.1 Upgrade Agent
ilan show and configure IPMI LAN parameters, users, and set up a PEF rule to send BMC LAN Alerts for OS Critical Stop log events
ipicmg send specific PICMG extended IPMI commands
ipmi_port a daemon to bind RMCP port 623 to prevent portmap from using it
ipmiutil a meta-command to invoke various IPMI functions.
ireset perform a hardware reset on the system
isel show firmware System Event Log records
iseltime synchronize BIOS RTC and firmware SEL time from system time
isensor show Sensor Data Records
iserial configure a system for Serial/EMP management functions, such as Terminal Mode, and optionally share the port with the Serial Console.
ismcoem OEM commands for SuperMicro servers
isol an IPMI Serial-Over-LAN Console application
isunoem OEM commands for Sun servers
itsol Tyan IPMIv1.5 Serial-Over-LAN Console application
iuser handle user functions
iwdt ipmiutil_wdt- display and set WatchDog Timer parameters