Package ipmctl

Utility for managing Intel Optane DC persistent memory modules

Utility for managing Intel Optane DC persistent memory modules
Supports functionality to:
Discover DCPMMs on the platform.
Provision the platform memory configuration.
View and update the firmware on DCPMMs.
Configure data-at-rest security on DCPMMs.
Monitor DCPMM health.
Track performance of DCPMMs.
Debug and troubleshoot DCPMMs.

General Commands
Command Description
ipmctl Utility for managing Intel Optane DC persistent memory modules (DCPMM)
ipmctl-acknowledge-event Turns off the flag that signals a corrective action on an event SYNOPSIS -------- [verse] ipmctl set [OPTIONS] -event (EventID) ActionRequired=(0)
ipmctl-change-device-passphrase Changes the security passphrase on DCPMM
ipmctl-change-device-security Changes the DCPMM security lock state
ipmctl-change-preferences Modifies one or more user preferences
ipmctl-change-sensor Changes the threshold or enabled state for DCPMMs sensors
ipmctl-create-goal Creates a memory allocation goal on one or more DCPMM
ipmctl-delete-goal Deletes the memory allocation goal from DCPMMs
ipmctl-dump-debug-log Dumps encoded firmware debug logs from specified DCPMMs and optionally decodes to human readable text.
ipmctl-dump-goal Stores the current system configuration in a file
ipmctl-dump-support-data Dumps a support snapshot to a file
ipmctl-enable-device-security Enable data-at-rest security on DCPMM
ipmctl-erase-device-data Erases the persistent data on one or more DCPMMs
ipmctl-help Shows help for the supported commands
ipmctl-inject-error Injects an error or clears a previously injected error
ipmctl-load-goal Load a memory allocation goal from a file onto DCPMMs
ipmctl-run-diagnostic Runs a diagnostic test
ipmctl-show-acpi Shows the system ACPI tables related to the DCPMMs
ipmctl-show-device Shows information about one or more DCPMMs
ipmctl-show-error-log Shows thermal or media errors on the specified DCPMMs
ipmctl-show-events Shows DCPMM related events
ipmctl-show-firmware Shows detailed information about the firmware
ipmctl-show-goal Shows the memory allocation goal on one or more DCPMM
ipmctl-show-host Shows basic information about the host server
ipmctl-show-memory-resources Shows the total DCPMM memory resource allocation
ipmctl-show-performance Shows performance metrics for one or more DCPMMs
ipmctl-show-preferences Displays a list of the DCPMM software user preferences
ipmctl-show-region Retrieves a list of persistent memory regions
ipmctl-show-sensor Shows health statistics for one or more DCPMMs
ipmctl-show-socket Shows basic information about the physical processors
ipmctl-show-system-capabilities Shows the platform supported DCPMM capabilities
ipmctl-show-topology Shows the topology of the memory installed
ipmctl-update-firmware Updates the firmware on one or more DCPMMs
ipmctl-version Shows the DCPMM host software versions