Package intel-gpu-tools

Debugging tools for Intel graphics chips

General Commands
Command Description
intel_audio_dump Dumps the Intel GPU registers for HDMI audio setup.
intel_bios_dumper Saves the Intel video BIOS contents to a file.
intel_bios_reader Parses an Intel BIOS and displays many of its tables
intel_error_decode Decodes an Intel GPU dump automatically captured by the kernel at the time of an...
intel_gpu_top Display a top-like summary of Intel GPU usage
intel_gtt Dump the contents of an Intel GPU's GTT
intel_infoframes View and change HDMI InfoFrames
intel_lid Polls the values of different reports about laptop lid state.
intel_panel_fitter Change the panel fitter settings
intel_reg_dumper Decode a bunch of Intel GPU registers for debugging
intel_reg_read Reads an Intel GPU register value
intel_reg_write Set an Intel GPU register to a value
intel_stepping Display the stepping information for an Intel GPU
intel_upload_blit_large microbenchmark of Intel GPU performance
intel_upload_blit_large_gtt microbenchmark of Intel GPU performance
intel_upload_blit_large_map microbenchmark of Intel GPU performance
intel_upload_blit_small microbenchmark of Intel GPU performance