Package inn-devel

The INN (InterNetNews) library

The inn-devel package contains the INN (InterNetNews) library, which
several programs that interface with INN need in order to work (for
example, newsgate and tin).

If you are installing a program which must interface with the INN news
system, you should install inn-devel.

Version: 2.7.1

See also: inn.

Library Functions

libinn InterNetNews library routines
libinn_clientlib NNTP clientlib part of InterNetNews library
libinn_dbz Database routines for InterNetNews
libinn_inndcomm Routines for managing innd control commands
libinn_list list routines
libinn_qio Quick I/O routines for reading files
libinn_tst Ternary search trie functions
libinnauth Routines for writing nnrpd resolvers and authenticators
libinnhist routines for managing INN history
libinnstorage Routines for managing INN storage