Package inn-devel

The INN (InterNetNews) library

The inn-devel package contains the INN (InterNetNews) library, which
several programs that interface with INN need in order to work (for
example, newsgate and tin).

If you are installing a program which must interface with the INN news
system, you should install inn-devel.

Version: 2.6.4

See also: inn.

Library Functions

clientlib NNTP clientlib part of InterNetNews library
dbz database routines
inndcomm INND communication part of InterNetNews library
libauth routines for writing nnrpd resolvers and authenticators
libinn InterNetNews library routines
libinnhist routines for managing INN history
libstorage routines for managing INN storage
list implementation of a doubly linked list
qio Quick I/O routines for reading files
tst ternary search trie functions