Package inn

The InterNetNews system, an Usenet news server

INN (InterNetNews) is a complete system for serving Usenet news and/or
private newsfeeds. INN includes innd, an NNTP (NetNews Transport
Protocol) server, and nnrpd, a newsreader that is spawned for each
client. Both innd and nnrpd vary slightly from the NNTP protocol, but
not in ways that are easily noticed.

Install the inn package if you need a complete system for serving and
reading Usenet news. You may also need to install inn-devel, if you
are going to use a separate program which interfaces to INN, like
newsgate or tin.

General Commands
Command Description
convdate Convert to/from RFC 5322 dates and seconds since epoch
fastrm Quickly remove a list of files
getlist Get a list from an NNTP server
grephistory Query the INN history database
innconfval Get configuration parameters from inn.conf
innmail Simple mail-sending program
nntpget get Usenet articles from a remote NNTP server
pgpverify Cryptographically verify Usenet control messages
pullnews Pull news from multiple news servers and feed it to another
rnews Inject individual articles and UUCP batches into INN
shlock Create lock files for use in shell scripts
shrinkfile shrink a file on a line boundary
simpleftp Rudimentary FTP client
sm Command-line interface to the INN storage manager
File Formats
File Description
active List of newsgroups carried by the server
active.times List of local creation times of newsgroups
buffindexed.conf Configuration for the buffindexed overview method
control.ctl Specify handling of Usenet control messages
cycbuff.conf Configuration file for INN CNFS storage method
distrib.pats Default values for the Distribution: header
distributions Recommended values for the Distribution: header
expire.ctl Configuration file for article expiration
history record of current and recently expired Usenet articles
incoming.conf Configuration of incoming news feeds
inn.conf Configuration data for InterNetNews programs
innfeed.conf Configuration file for innfeed
inn-radius.conf Configuration for nnrpd RADIUS authenticator
innwatch.ctl control Usenet supervision by innwatch
moderators Submission addresses for moderated groups Message of the day information for feeders or readers
newsfeeds Determine where Usenet articles are sent
newsgroups List of newsgroups and their short descriptions
newslog Description of INN log files
nnrpd.track file to specify hosts to be tracked by nnrpd.
nntpsend.ctl List of sites to feed via nntpsend
ovdb Overview storage method for INN
passwd.nntp Passwords for connecting to remote NNTP servers
readers.conf Access control and configuration for nnrpd
storage.conf Configuration file for storage manager
subscriptions Default recommended subscriptions
System Administration
Command Description
actsync Synchronize newsgroups
archive Usenet article archiver
auth_krb5 nnrpd Kerberos v5 authenticator
batcher Article batching for InterNetNews
buffchan Buffered file-writing backend for INN
ckpasswd nnrpd password authenticator
cnfsheadconf Read and write CNFS headers
cnfsstat Show usage of CNFS buffers
controlchan Channel-fed control message handler
ctlinnd Control the main InterNetNews daemon
cvtbatch Convert Usenet batch files to INN format
docheckgroups Process checkgroups and output a list of changes
domain nnrpd domain resolver
expire Usenet article and history expiration program
expireover Expire entries from the news overview database
expirerm Remove articles that have been expired
filechan file-writing backend for InterNetNews
ident nnrpd ident resolver
innbind Helper program to bind sockets to privileged ports
inncheck Check INN configuration and database files
innd InterNetNews daemon
inndf Report free disk, inodes, and overview information
innfeed Multi-host, multi-connection, streaming NNTP feeder
innreport summarize INN log files.
innstat print snapshot of INN system
innupgrade Upgrade INN configuration files
innwatch Monitor the state of INN and the system
innxbatch send xbatched Usenet articles to a remote NNTP server
innxmit Send Usenet articles to a remote NNTP server
mailpost Feed an e-mail message into a newsgroup
makedbz Rebuild dbz files
makehistory Initialize or rebuild INN history database
mod-active Batch processing of newsgroups creation and removal commands
news2mail Channel script to gateway news into e-mails
news.daily Perform daily Usenet maintenance tasks
ninpaths Report Usenet Path: statistics (new inpaths)
nnrpd NNTP server for reader clients
nntpsend Send Usenet articles to remote sites
ovdb_init Prepare ovdb database for use
ovdb_monitor Database maintenance
ovdb_server Overview helper server for nnrpd
ovdb_stat Display information from the ovdb database
overchan Batch update the INN overview database
perl-nocem A NoCeM-on-spool implementation for INN 2.x
procbatch Process an INN funnel file or innfeed-dropped file
prunehistory Remove tokens from Usenet history file
radius nnrpd RADIUS password authenticator Start or stop INN daemons
scanlogs Summarize and rotate INN log files
scanspool Perform a sanity scan over all articles in news spool
sendinpaths Send Usenet Path: statistics via e-mail
send-nntp send Usenet articles to remote site
send-uucp Send Usenet articles via UUCP
tally.control Keep track of newsgroup creations and deletions
tdx-util Tradindexed overview manipulation utility
tinyleaf Very simple IHAVE-only NNTP server
writelog add a entry to an INN log file.