Package infiniband-diags-compat

OpenFabrics Alliance InfiniBand Diagnostic Tools

Deprecated scripts and utilities which provide duplicated functionality, most
often at a reduced performance. These are maintained for the time being for
compatibility reasons.

Version: 51.0

See also: infiniband-diags.

System Administration

ibcheckerrors validate IB subnet and report errors
ibcheckerrs validate IB port (or node) and report errors in counters above threshold
ibchecknet validate IB subnet and report errors
ibchecknode validate IB node and report errors
ibcheckport validate IB port and report errors
ibcheckportstate validate IB port for LinkUp and not Active state
ibcheckportwidth validate IB port for 1x link width
ibcheckstate find ports in IB subnet which are link up but not active
ibcheckwidth find 1x links in IB subnet
ibdatacounters query IB subnet for data counters
ibdatacounts get IB port data counters
ibdiscover annotate and compare InfiniBand topology
ibprintca print either the ca specified or the list of cas from the ibnetdiscover output
ibprintrt print either only the router specified or a list of routers from the ibnetdiscover output
ibprintswitch print either the switch specified or a list of switches from the ibnetdiscover output
ibswportwatch poll the counters on the specified switch/port and report rate of change information.