Package infiniband-diags

OpenFabrics Alliance InfiniBand Diagnostic Tools

This package provides IB diagnostic programs and scripts needed to diagnose an
IB subnet. infiniband-diags now also provides libibmad. libibmad provides low
layer IB functions for use by the IB diagnostic and management programs. These
include MAD, SA, SMP, and other basic IB functions.

See also: infiniband-diags-compat.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
ibnd_debug alias for ibnd_discover_fabric
ibnd_destroy_fabric alias for ibnd_discover_fabric
ibnd_discover_fabric initialize ibnetdiscover library.
ibnd_find_node_dr alias for ibnd_find_node_guid
ibnd_find_node_guid given a fabric object find the node object within it which matches the guid or...
ibnd_iter_nodes given a fabric object and a function itterate over the nodes in the fabric.
ibnd_iter_nodes_type alias for ibnd_iter_nodes
ibnd_show_progress alias for ibnd_discover_fabric
System Administration
Command Description
check_lft_balance check InfiniBand unicast forwarding tables balance
dump_fts dump InfiniBand forwarding tables
dump_lfts alias for dump_fts
dump_mfts alias for dump_fts
ibaddr query InfiniBand address(es)
ibcacheedit edit an ibnetdiscover cache
ibccconfig configure congestion control settings
ibccquery query congestion control settings/info
ibclearcounters clear port counters in IB subnet
ibclearerrors clear error counters in IB subnet
ibfindnodesusing find a list of end nodes which are routed through the specified switch and port
ibhosts show InfiniBand host nodes in topology
ibidsverify validate IB identifiers in subnet and report errors
iblinkinfo report link info for all links in the fabric
ibnetdiscover discover InfiniBand topology
ibnodes show InfiniBand nodes in topology
ibping ping an InfiniBand address
ibportstate handle port (physical) state and link speed of an InfiniBand port
ibqueryerrors query and report IB port counters
ibroute query InfiniBand switch forwarding tables
ibrouters show InfiniBand router nodes in topology
ibstat query basic status of InfiniBand device(s)
ibstatus query basic status of InfiniBand device(s)
ibswitches show InfiniBand switch nodes in topology
ibsysstat system status on an InfiniBand address
ibtracert trace InfiniBand path
infiniband-diags Diagnostics for InfiniBand Fabrics
perfquery query InfiniBand port counters on a single port
saquery query InfiniBand subnet administration attributes
sminfo query InfiniBand SMInfo attribute
smpdump dump InfiniBand subnet management attributes
smpquery query InfiniBand subnet management attributes
vendstat query InfiniBand vendor specific functions