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Package incus

Powerful system container and virtual machine manager


Container hypervisor based on LXC
Incus offers a REST API to remotely manage containers over the network,
using an image based work-flow and with support for live migration.

This package contains the Incus daemon.

Version: 6.0.0

See also: incus-agent, incus-client, incus-tools.

General Commands

incusd The Incus daemon
incusd.cluster Low-level cluster administration commands
incusd.cluster.edit Edit cluster configuration as YAML
incusd.cluster.list-database Print the addresses of the cluster members serving the database
incusd.cluster.recover-from-quorum-loss Recover an instance whose cluster has lost quorum
incusd.cluster.remove-raft-node Remove a raft node from the raft configuration
incusd.cluster.show Show cluster configuration as YAML
incusd.version Show the server version