Package imv

Image viewer for X11 and Wayland

imv is a command line image viewer intended for use with tiling window managers.
 - Native Wayland and X11 support
 - Support for dozens of image formats including: PNG, JPEG, animated GIFs, SVG,
    TIFF, various RAW formats, Photoshop PSD files
 - Configurable key bindings and behavior
 - Highly scriptable with IPC via imv-msg

Version: 4.3.1

General Commands

imv Image viewer for X11 and Wayland
imv-folder Open 'imv' for all images in a folder
imv-msg Utility for sending commands to a running imv instance
imv-wayland alias for imv
imv-x11 alias for imv

File Formats

imv imv configuration file