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Package igt-gpu-tools

Test suite and tools for DRM drivers


igt-gpu-tools (formerly known as intel-gpu-tools) is the standard for writing
test cases for DRM drivers. It also includes a handful of useful tools for
various drivers, such as Intel's GPU tools for i915.

Version: 1.27.1

General Commands

intel_audio_dump Dump the Intel GPU registers for HDMI audio setup
intel_bios_dumper Save the Intel video BIOS contents to a file
intel_error_decode Decode an Intel GPU dump automatically captured by the kernel at the time of an error
intel_gpu_frequency Manipulate Intel GPU frequencies
intel_gpu_top Display a top-like summary of Intel GPU usage
intel_gtt Dump the contents of an Intel GPU's GTT
intel_infoframes View and change HDMI InfoFrames
intel_lid Poll the values of different reports about laptop lid state
intel_panel_fitter Change the panel fitter settings
intel_reg Intel graphics register multitool
intel_stepping Display the stepping information for an Intel GPU
intel_upload_blit_large Microbenchmark of Intel GPU performance
intel_upload_blit_large_gtt Microbenchmark of Intel GPU performance
intel_upload_blit_large_map Microbenchmark of Intel GPU performance
intel_upload_blit_small Microbenchmark of Intel GPU performance
intel_vbt_decode Intel Video BIOS Table parser