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Package icu

International Components for Unicode


Tools and utilities for developing with icu.

Version: 74.2

General Commands

derb disassemble a resource bundle
genbrk Compiles ICU break iteration rules source files into binary data files
gencfu Generates Unicode Confusable data files
gencnval compile the converters aliases file
gendict Compiles word list into ICU string trie dictionary
genrb compile a resource bundle
icuexportdata Writes text files with Unicode properties data from ICU.
makeconv compile a converter table
pkgdata package data for use by ICU
uconv convert data from one encoding to another

System Administration

genccode generate C or platform specific assembly code from an ICU data file.
gencmn generate an ICU memory-mappable data file
gennorm2 Builds binary data file with Unicode normalization data.
gensprep compile StringPrep data from files filtered by filterRFC3454.pl
icupkg extract or modify an ICU .dat archive