Package icedtea-web

Additional Java components for OpenJDK - Java browser plug-in and Web Start implementation

The IcedTea-Web project provides a Java web browser plugin, an implementation
of Java Web Start (originally based on the Netx project) and a settings tool to
manage deployment settings for the aforementioned plugin and Web Start

General Commands (Section 1)
icedtea-web provides a Free Software web browser plugin running applets written in the Java programming language and an implementation of Java Web Start...
icedtea-web-plugin is working in your browser, once your browser knows about this files. The must be placed, or linked inside specific...
itweb-settings is a command line and a GUI program to modify and edit settings used by the IcedTea-Web implementation of javaws and the browser plugin If...
javaws is an implementation of a JNLP client. It uses a JNLP (Java Network Launch Protocol) file to securely run a remote Java application or a Java applet...
policyeditor is a GUI application with small command line support to view and edit applet security policy settings used by the IcedTea-Web implementation of...