Package icecream

Distributed compiler

Icecream is a distributed compile system. It allows parallel compiling by
distributing the compile jobs to several nodes of a compile network running the
icecc daemon. The icecc scheduler routes the jobs and provides status and
statistics information to the icecc monitor. Each compile node can accept one
or more compile jobs depending on the number of processors and the settings of
the daemon. Link jobs and other jobs which cannot be distributed are executed
locally on the node where the compilation is started.

General Commands (Section 1)
icecc is the Icecream compiler stub. It gets called in place of the actual compiler and transparently routes the compile requests to the Icecream network. You...
icecc-create-env is an Icecream helper that creates a new .tar.gz archive with all the files (compiler, tools and libraries) needed to setup a build...
The Icecream daemon has to run on all nodes being part of the Icecream compile cluster. It receives compile jobs and executes them in a chroot environment. The...
The Icecream scheduler is the central instance of an Icecream compile network. It distributes the compile jobs and provides the data for the monitors.
Miscellanea (Section 7)
Icecream is a distributed compile system for C and C++. Icecream is created by SUSE and is based on ideas and code by distcc. Like distcc it takes compile jobs...