Package icecat

GNU version of Firefox browser

GNUZilla Icecat is a fully-free fork of Mozilla Firefox ESR.
Extensions included to this version of IceCat:

 * AboutIceCat
   Adds a custom "about:icecat" homepage with links to information about the
   free software and privacy features in IceCat, and check-boxes to enable
   and disable the ones more prone to break websites.

 * LibreJS
   GNU LibreJS aims to address the JavaScript problem described in Richard
   Stallman's article The JavaScript Trap.

 * HTML5-video-everywhere
   Uses the native video player to play embedded videos from different sources

 * Torâ„¢ Browser Button
   Simple TOR network integration (requires running TOR separately at the operating system level)

 * Searxes
   Third-party Request Blocker
General Commands
Command Description
icecat GNU version of Firefox browser