Package ibutils

OpenIB Mellanox InfiniBand Diagnostic Tools

ibutils provides IB network and path diagnostics.

General Commands
Command Description
IBMgtSim Infiniband Management Simulator
RunSimTest Run a test over the IB management simulator
ibdiagnet IB diagnostic net
ibdiagpath IB diagnostic path
ibdiagui IB Diagnostic GUI
ibdm-ibnl-file a generic IB netlist format
ibdm-topo-file IBDM Topology File
ibdmchk Network Checker and Attributes Analyzer
ibdmsh Extentended TCL shell
ibdmtr Fabric Trace Route
ibis IB management Inband Services — an extended TCL shell
ibmsquit Quit the management simulator
ibmssh Extentended TCL shell
ibtopodiff Fabric Topology Matcher
mkSimNodeDir Create a /proc like files for a simulated node