Package hylafax+

An enterprise-strength fax server

HylaFAX(tm) is a enterprise-strength fax server supporting
Class 1 and 2 fax modems on UNIX systems. It provides spooling
services and numerous supporting fax management tools.
The fax clients may reside on machines different from the server
and client implementations exist for a number of platforms including

Version: 7.0.8

See also: hylafax+-client.

File Formats

doneq.5f HylaFAX outbound job description
hosts.hfaxd.5f HylaFAX client access control list
hylafax-config.5f HylaFAX configuration database
hylafax-info.5f remote device capability database
hylafax-log.5f session log files
hylafax-server.5f introduction to HylaFAX server operation and file formats
hylafax-shutdown.5f server shutdown control file
pagermap.5f SNPP pager identifier mapping file
recvq.5f received facsimile document format
sendq.5f HylaFAX outbound job description
status.5f server status database
tsi.5f Transmission Subscriber Identification (TSI) access control list
xferfaxlog.5f HylaFAX activity log

System Administration

choptest.8c HylaFAX page chopping test program
cqtest.8c HylaFAX copy quality checking test program
faxabort.8c tell a HylaFAX server to abort a receive
faxaddmodem.8c configure a modem for use with HylaFAX
faxadduser.8c add a fax user to the permissions file
faxanswer.8c tell a HylaFAX server to answer the telephone
faxconfig.8c dynamically change HylaFAX configuration parameters
faxcron.8c HylaFAX routine maintenance script
faxdeluser.8c delete a fax user from the permissions file
faxgetty.8c HylaFAX front-door process
faxlock.8c tell a HylaFAX server to switch to LOCKWAIT state
faxmodem.8c dynamically add a modem to a HylaFAX server system
faxmsg.8c utility program used by other HylaFAX client programs
faxq.8c HylaFAX queue manager process
faxqclean.8c HylaFAX queue cleaner process
faxquit.8c tell a HylaFAX server to terminate
faxrcvd.8c HylaFAX notification program for received facsimile
faxsend.8c HylaFAX facsimile transmit program
faxstate.8c control “modem state” of a device used by HylaFAX
hfaxd.8c HylaFAX client-server protocol server
hylafax.8c HylaFAX
jobcontrol.8c per-job controls for HylaFAX servers
lockname.8c program invoked by faxaddmodem and probemodem to generate a UUCP lock filename according to SVR4 conventions
mkcover.8c HylaFAX continuation cover page generation command
notify.8c HylaFAX user notification program
ondelay.8c program invoked by faxaddmodem and probemodem to configure a modem device for use by those programs
pagesend.8c HylaFAX IXO/TAP and UCP transmit program
pollrcvd.8c HylaFAX program for delivering facsimile received by polling
probemodem.8c This script probes a modem attached to a serial line and reports the results of certain commands.
ps2fax.8c image POSTSCRIPT™ for facsimile transmission by HylaFAX
recvstats.8c summarize HylaFAX receive accounting information
tagtest.8c HylaFAX tag line testing program
tsitest.8c HylaFAX TSI access control list checking program
wedged.8c HylaFAX modem wedged script
xferfaxstats.8c summarize HylaFAX transmission accounting