Package hxtools

A collection of several tools

hxtools contains several tools for different tasks written by Jan Engelhardt.

Currently only these tools are included in Fedora:

* fd0ssh - Pipe for password-over-stdin support to ssh
* git-forest - A text-based git tree visualizer
* ofl - Open file lister (replaces fuser and lsof -m)
* peicon - PE files icons extractor
General Commands (Section 1)
This is a wrapper for ssh which reads the password from stdin and sets things up so that ssh will recall the wrapper to get the password, which will be read...
git-forest is a command-line zero-lookahead git repository history visualizer with Unicode output with a bit of gitk resemblance.Why another program? The tree...
Lists all processes that have directories or files open or in use within path. Additionally it can send a signal to these processes to free up a mountpoint for...
Extracts the icons from PE files. Icons will be written to files of the name pe-%x:%x.ico, where the first number is the icon group number and the second is the...