Package hugin-base

Command-line tools and libraries required by hugin

Command-line tools used to generate panoramic images, install this package
separately from hugin if you want to batch-process hugin projects on a machine
without a GUI environment.

Version: 2023.0.0

See also: hugin.

General Commands

align_image_stack Align overlapping images for HDR or focus stack creation
autooptimiser Optimize image positions
celeste_standalone Cloud identification
checkpto Helper program for Hugin's assistant
cpclean Remove wrong control points by statistical methods
cpfind Feature matching for panoramic stitching
deghosting_mask Creates mask for removing ghosting in images
fulla Correct lens distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration
geocpset adds control points based on geometric position
hugin_hdrmerge Merge overlapping images
hugin_lensdb Tool for lens database maintenance
linefind Detect vertical features in images
nona Stitch a panorama image
pano_modify Change output parameters of project file
pano_trafo Transform image coordinates.
pto_gen Generate a Hugin project file from a list of images.
pto_lensstack modify assigned lenses and stack in pto files
pto_mask Apply a mask
pto_merge Merges two or more Hugin project files
pto_move Move a project file with all images in it.
pto_template Apply a template file
pto_var change image variables inside Hugin .pto project files
tca_correct Calculate transverse chromatic aberration
verdandi Blend images using watershed algorithm.
vig_optimize Optimise photometric parameters