Package hugin-base

Command-line tools and libraries required by hugin

Command-line tools used to generate panoramic images, install this package
separately from hugin if you want to batch-process hugin projects on a machine
without a GUI environment.

General Commands (Section 1)
align_image_stack is used for the alignment of slightly misaligned images or for the registration of a stereo images pair. When several differently exposed...
autooptimiser works similarly to PToptimizer but with extra command-line options. It is also different in that PToptimizer appends its output onto the input...
Celeste has been trained using Support vector machine techniques to identify clouds in photos and remove control points from these areas. celeste_standalone is...
checkpto examines the connections between images in a project and reports back the number of parts or image groups in that project checkpto is used by the...
cpclean uses statistical methods to remove wrong control points. Step 1 optimises all images pairs, calculates for each pair mean and standard deviation and...
cpfind is a control-point detector for Hugin. It expects a project file as input and writes a project file with control-points on success. It depends on...
Takes a series of aligned photos, usually three or more, and generates masks for removal of ghosts - Data that only appears in a minority of photos.
Apply radial or flat-field vignetting correction as well as geometrical radial distortion and transversal chromatic aberration correction. fulla can be used to...
geocpset is a tool for panoramas which contains featureless images, e.g. sky images. In this images a control point detector does not find control points...
Merge overlapping images
Tool for lens database maintenance
linefind is a detector for vertical features in images. It tries to find vertical lines using the same algorithm as Calibrate_lens_gui and assigns vertical...
nona uses the transform function from PanoTools, the stitching itself is quite simple, no seam feathering is done. Only the non-antialiasing interpolators of...
pano_modify modifies a single Hugin .pto project.
pano_trafo reads image coordiates (x y) from standard input and prints the corresponding panorama coordinates to standard output.
pto_gen assembles a Hugin .pto project file that is suitable as input for further tools such as the cpfind control-point generator, or for opening with the...
pto_lensstack can manipulate lenses and stacks in Hugin .pto project files. This is intended for use in scripting.
pto_mask applies a mask to nominated images
pto_merge takes a list of .pto projects and joins them together into a single .pto project.
pto_move Moves a project file and all images to a new destination. Optionally copies; can be recursive, and can overwrite
pto_template adds a template file to PTO
pto_var is a command line tool, suitable for inclusion in shell scripts, and allows the change of image variables inside a Hugin .pto project file.
Generates fulla command-line parameters for correction of transverse chromatic aberration (TCA) from sample photos. Ideal sample photos would have a lot of...
verdandi [options] images
Photometric calculation can be performed on the command-line with the vig_optimize tool. This functionally is configured via 'v' variable lines in the .pto...