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Package hub

A command-line tool that makes git easier to use with GitHub


Version: 2.14.2

General Commands

hub make git easier with GitHub
hub-alias Show shell instructions for wrapping git.
hub-am Replicate commits from a GitHub pull request locally.
hub-api Low-level GitHub API request interface.
hub-apply Download a patch from GitHub and apply it locally.
hub-browse Open a GitHub repository in a web browser.
hub-checkout Check out the head of a pull request as a local branch.
hub-cherry-pick Cherry-pick a commit from a fork on GitHub.
hub-ci-status Display status of GitHub checks for a commit.
hub-clone Clone a repository from GitHub.
hub-compare Open a GitHub compare page in a web browser.
hub-create Create a new repository on GitHub and add a git remote for it.
hub-delete Delete an existing repository on GitHub.
hub-fetch Add missing remotes prior to performing git fetch.
hub-fork Fork the current repository on GitHub and add a git remote for it.
hub-gist Create and print GitHub Gists
hub-help Show the help page for a command.
hub-init Initialize a git repository and add a remote pointing to GitHub.
hub-issue Manage GitHub Issues for the current repository.
hub-merge Merge a pull request locally with a message like the GitHub Merge Button.
hub-pr Manage GitHub Pull Requests for the current repository.
hub-pull-request Create a GitHub Pull Request.
hub-push Push a git branch to each of the listed remotes.
hub-release Manage GitHub Releases for the current repository.
hub-remote Add a git remote for a GitHub repository.
hub-submodule Add a git submodule for a GitHub repository.
hub-sync Fetch git objects from upstream and update local branches.