Package hop

A web development kit

Hop is a new programming language designed for the Web 2.0. It is a
higher-order language for programming interactive web applications
such as web agendas, web galleries, music players, etc. Hop can be
viewed as a replacement for traditional graphical toolkits. HOP is
implemented as a Web broker, i.e., a Web server that may act
indifferently as a regular Web server or Web proxy.

HOP features:

    * an extensive set of widgets for programming fancy GUIs.
    * an extensive set of libraries for:
          o handling database accesses.
          o dealing with network connections.
          o parsing wiki documents.
          o supporting various protocols such as IMAP, ICALENDAR, ...
          o supporting various formats such as EXIF, ID3, ...
          o parsing and generating XML documents.
          o ...
General Commands
Command Description
hop `a Multitier Web Development Kit'
hopreplay replay a Hop execution trace
hopsh send a command to a running Hop server.