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Package hmmer-easel

Easel collection of small tools


Collection of additional small tools ("miniapps") from the Easel library.

Version: 3.3.2

See also: hmmer.

General Commands

esl-afetch retrieve alignments from a multi-MSA database
esl-alimanip manipulate a multiple sequence alignment
esl-alimap map two alignments to each other
esl-alimask remove columns from a multiple sequence alignment
esl-alimerge merge alignments based on their reference (RF) annotation
esl-alipid calculate pairwise percent identities for all sequence pairs in an MSA
esl-alirev reverse complement a multiple alignment
esl-alistat summarize a multiple sequence alignment file
esl-compalign compare two multiple sequence alignments
esl-compstruct calculate accuracy of RNA secondary structure predictions
esl-construct describe or create a consensus secondary structure
esl-histplot collate data histogram, output xmgrace datafile
esl-mask mask sequence residues with X's (or other characters)
esl-mixdchlet fitting mixture Dirichlets to count data
esl-reformat convert sequence file formats
esl-selectn select random subset of lines from file
esl-seqrange determine a range of sequences for one of many parallel processes
esl-seqstat summarize contents of a sequence file
esl-sfetch retrieve (sub-)sequences from a sequence file
esl-shuffle shuffling sequences or generating random ones
esl-ssdraw create postscript secondary structure diagrams
esl-translate translate DNA sequence in six frames into individual ORFs
esl-weight calculate sequence weights in MSA(s)