Package hfsutils

Tools for reading and writing Macintosh HFS volumes

HFS (Hierarchical File System) is the native volume format found on
modern Macintosh computers. Hfsutils provides utilities for accessing
HFS volumes from Linux and UNIX systems. Hfsutils contains several
command-line programs which are comparable to mtools.

General Commands (Section 1)
hattrib permits the alteration of HFS file attributes. In the first form, the MacOS-defined type and creator attributes can be set using the -t and -c flags...
hcd is used to change the notion of the "current working directory" for the current HFS volume. All subsequent HFS commands will interpret filenames relative to...
hcopy transfers files from an HFS volume to UNIX or vice versa. The named source files are copied to the named destination target, which must be a directory if...
hdel deletes files from the current HFS volume. Both forks (resource and data) of each named file are removed, freeing space for other files.
hdir is an alternative interface to hls. It is equivalent to supplying hls the -l flag.
hformat is used to write a new HFS filesystem to a volume. A UNIX pathname to the volume's destination must be specified. The destination may be either a block...
hfs is an interactive command-oriented tool for manipulating HFS volumes.
Tcl interpreter with HFS extensions
hfsutils is a collection of tools and programs for accessing Macintosh HFS-formatted volumes. See the accompanying man page for each program above for more...
hls lists files and directories contained in an HFS volume. If one or more arguments are given, each specified file or directory is shown; otherwise, the...
hmkdir creates new, empty directories (folders) on the current HFS volume. There must not already be a file or directory with each named path.
hmount is used to introduce a new HFS volume. A UNIX pathname to the volume's source must be specified. The source may be a block device or a regular file...
hpwd displays the complete (absolute) HFS pathname to the current working directory on the current volume. The current working directory can be changed with the...
hrename changes the name and/or location of one or more files or directories. If only one source path is specified and the target path is in the same directory...
hrmdir deletes directories (folders) from the current HFS volume. Each named directory must already be empty.
humount is used to forget about an HFS volume previously mounted with hmount. Either the volume's name or the UNIX path to the volume may be used to specify the...
With no arguments, hvol displays the name and path to the "current" HFS volume as well as the names and paths of all previously mounted ("known") volumes. With...