Package hfsplus-tools

Tools to create/check Apple HFS+ filesystems

HFS+, HFS Plus, or Mac OS Extended are names for a file system developed by
Apple Computer to replace their Hierarchical File System (HFS). In addition to
being the default file system on modern Apple computers, HFS+ is one of two
formats, FAT being the other, that are supported by the iPod hard-disk based
music player. Unlike FAT, HFS+ supports UNIX style file permissions, which
makes it useful, for serving and sharing files in a secured manner. As Apple
Computer's devices and systems become increasingly ubiquitous, it becomes
important that Linux fully support this format. This package provides tools
to create and check HFS+ filesystems under Linux.

The Linux kernel does not support writing to HFS+ journals, writing to a
hfsplus partition is recommended only after disabling journaling; however, the
kernel, as of version 2.6.16, supports case-sensitivity (also known as HFSX)

System Administration (Section 8)
The fsck.hfsplus utility verifies and repairs standard HFS and HFS+ file systems. The first form of fsck.hfsplus quickly checks the specified file systems to...
mkfs.hfsplus builds an HFS Plus file system on the specified special device. Before running mkfs.hfsplus the disk should be partitioned using the Disk Utility...