Package heimdal-workstation

Heimdal kerberos programs for use on workstations

This package contains Heimdal Kerberos 5 programs and utilities for
use on workstations (kinit, klist, kdestroy, kpasswd)

General Commands
Command Description
afslog obtain AFS tokens
bsearch manages one-time passwords
heimdal-kadmin Kerberos administration utility
heimdal-kdestroy remove one credential or destroy the current ticket file
heimdal-kinit acquire initial tickets
heimdal-klist list Kerberos credentials
heimdal-kpasswd Kerberos 5 password changing program
heimdal-kswitch switch between default credential caches
heimdal-ktutil manage Kerberos keytabs
heimdal-pagsh creates a new credential cache sandbox
heimdal-su substitute user identity
kf securely forward tickets
kgetcred get a ticket for a particular service
otp manages one-time passwords
otpprint print lists of one-time passwords
System Administration
Command Description
kcm process-based credential cache for Kerberos tickets.
kfd receive forwarded tickets
kimpersonate impersonate a user when there exist a keyfile or KeyFile