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Package heimdal-server

Heimdal kerberos server


This package contains the master Heimdal kerberos Key Distribution
Center (KDC), admin interface server (admind) and master-slave
synchronisation daemons. Install this package if you intend to
set up Kerberos server.

Version: 7.8.0

System Administration

heimdal-kadmind server for administrative access to Kerberos database
hprop propagate the KDC database
hpropd receive a propagated database
iprop propagate transactions from a Heimdal Kerberos master KDC to slave KDCs
iprop-log examine and maintain the iprop log file
ipropd-master alias for iprop
ipropd-slave alias for iprop
kdc Kerberos 5 server
kpasswdd Kerberos 5 password changing server
kstash store the KDC master password in a file