Package heimdal-server

Heimdal kerberos server

This package contains the master Heimdal kerberos Key Distribution
Center (KDC), admin interface server (admind) and master-slave
synchronisation daemons. Install this package if you intend to
set up Kerberos server.

System Administration (Section 8)
kadmind listens for requests for changes to the Kerberos database and performs these, subject to permissions. When starting, if stdin is a socket it assumes...
hprop takes a principal database in a specified format and converts it into a stream of Heimdal database records. This stream can either be written to standard...
hpropd receives a database sent by hprop. and writes it as a local database. By default, hpropd expects to be started from inetd if stdin is a socket and...
ipropd-master is used to propagate changes to a Heimdal Kerberos database from the master Kerberos server on which it runs to slave Kerberos servers running...
examine and maintain the iprop log file
kdc serves requests for tickets. When it starts, it first checks the flags passed, any options that are not specified with a command line flag are taken from a...
kpasswdd serves request for password changes. It listens on UDP port 464 (service kpasswd) and processes requests when they arrive. It changes the database...
kstash reads the Kerberos master key and stores it in a file that will be used by the KDC.