Package heimdal-libs

Heimdal kerberos shared libraries

This package contains shared libraries required by several of the other
Heimdal packages.

File Formats (Section 5)
The krb5.conf file specifies several configuration parameters for the Kerberos 5 library, as well as for some programs. The file consists of one or more...
The /etc/gss/mech file contains a list of installed GSS-API security mechanisms.
System Administration (Section 8)
userland tool to access digest interface in the KDC
Kerberos is a network authentication system. Its purpose is to securely authenticate users and services in an insecure network environment. This is done with a...
string2key performs the string-to-key function. This is useful when you want to handle the raw key instead of the password.
verify_krb5_conf reads the configuration file krb5.conf, or the file given on the command line, parses it, checking verifying that the syntax is not correctly...