Package heimdal-devel

Header and other development files for Heimdal kerberos

Contains files needed to compile and link software using the Heimdal
kerberos headers/libraries.

General Commands
Command Description
heimdal-krb5-config give information on how to link code against Heimdal libraries
Library Functions
Library Function Description
ecalloc exit-on-failure wrapper functions
getarg collect command line options
gss_accept_sec_context Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gssapi gssapi
gssapi_mechs_intro gssapi_mechs_introGSS-API mechanisms
gssapi_services_intro gssapi_services_introIntroduction to GSS-API services
hcrypto_core hcrypto_core
hcrypto_des hcrypto_des
hcrypto_dh hcrypto_dh
hcrypto_evp hcrypto_evp
hcrypto_misc hcrypto_misc
hcrypto_rand hcrypto_rand
hcrypto_rsa hcrypto_rsa
hdb_entry_ex hdb_entry_ex
heimbase Registers a DB type for use with heim_db_create().
hx509 hx509
hx509_ca hx509_ca
hx509_cert hx509_cert
hx509_cms hx509_cms
hx509_crypto hx509_crypto
hx509_env hx509_env
hx509_error hx509_error
hx509_keyset hx509_keyset
hx509_lock hx509_lock
hx509_misc hx509_misc
hx509_name hx509_name
hx509_peer hx509_peer
hx509_print hx509_print
hx509_query hx509_query
hx509_revoke hx509_revoke
hx509_verify hx509_verify
internal_v_smechname internal_v_smechnameInternal names and mechanism names
kafs AFS library
krb5 krb5
krb5_425_conv_principal converts to and from version 4 principals
krb5_address krb5_address
krb5_appdefault get application configuration value
krb5_auth krb5_auth
krb5_auth_con_addflags manage authentication on connection level
krb5_c_block_size Kerberos 5 crypto API
krb5_ccache krb5_ccache
krb5_ccache_intro krb5_ccache_introThe credential cache functions
krb5_checksum creates, handles and verifies checksums
krb5_check_transited realm transit verification and encoding/decoding functions
krb5_context create, modify and delete krb5_context structures
krb5_credential krb5_credential
krb5_creds Kerberos 5 credential handling functions
krb5_crypto krb5_crypto
krb5_crypto_iov krb5_crypto_iov
krb5_deprecated krb5_deprecated
krb5_digest krb5_digest
krb5_digest_alloc remote digest (HTTP-DIGEST, SASL, CHAP) support
krb5_encrypt encrypt and decrypt data, set and get encryption type parameters
krb5_error krb5_error
krb5_fileformats krb5_fileformatsFile formats
krb5_find_padata Kerberos 5 pre-authentication data handling functions
krb5_free_kdc_rep deprecated initial authentication functions
krb5_get_all_client_addrs return local addresses
krb5_get_credentials get credentials from the KDC using krbtgt
krb5_get_creds get credentials from the KDC
krb5_get_default_principal Kerberos 5 principal handling functions
krb5_get_default_realm default and host realm read and manipulation routines
krb5_get_init_creds Kerberos 5 initial authentication functions
krb5_get_in_tkt deprecated initial authentication functions
krb5_get_krbhst lookup Kerberos KDC hosts
krb5_getportbyname get port number by name
krb5_init_creds_intro krb5_init_creds_introThe initial credential handing functions
krb5_initlog Heimdal logging functions
krb5_introduction krb5_introductionIntroduction to the Kerberos 5 API
krb5_keytab krb5_keytab
krb5_keytab_intro krb5_keytab_introThe keytab handing functions
krb5_krbhst_init lookup Kerberos KDC hosts
krb5_mk_req create and read application authentication request
krb5_mk_safe generates integrity protected and/or encrypted messages
krb5_pac krb5_pac
krb5plugin_an2ln_ftable_desc Description of the krb5_aname_to_lname(3) plugin facility.
krb5plugin_db_ftable_desc Description of the krb5 DB plugin facility.
krb5plugin_kuserok_ftable_desc Description of the krb5_kuserok(3) plugin facility.
krb5_principal krb5_principal
krb5_principal_intro krb5_principal_introThe principal handing functions.
krb5_pwcheck Heimdal warning and error functions
krb5_rcache Kerberos 5 replay cache
krb5_rd_error parse, free and read error from KRB-ERROR message
krb5_rd_safe verifies authenticity of messages
krb5_set_password_using_ccache change password functions
krb5_storage krb5_storage
krb5_string_to_key turns a string to a Kerberos key
krb5_support krb5_support
krb5_ticket krb5_ticket
krb5_timeofday Kerberos 5 time handling functions
krb5_v4compat krb5_v4compat
krb5_verify_init_creds verifies a credential cache is correct by using a local keytab
krb5_verify_user Heimdal password verifying functions
ntlm_buf ntlm_buf
ntlm_core ntlm_core
ntlm_type1 ntlm_type1
ntlm_type2 ntlm_type2
ntlm_type3 ntlm_type3
page_ca page_caHx509 CA functions
page_cert page_certThe basic certificate
page_cms page_cmsCMS/PKCS7 message functions.
page_des Data Encryption Standard crypto interface
page_dh Diffie-Hellman key exchange
page_env page_envHx509 environment functions
page_error page_errorHx509 error reporting functions
page_evp generic crypto interface
page_keyset page_keysetCertificate store operations
page_lock page_lockLocking and unlocking certificates and encrypted data.
page_name page_namePKIX/X.509 Names
page_peer page_peerHx509 crypto selecting functions
page_print page_printHx509 printing functions
page_rand random number
page_revoke page_revokeRevocation methods
page_rsa public-key cryptography
parse_time parse and unparse time intervals
rtbl format data in simple tables
wind wind
Name Description
krb5-plugin plugin interface for Heimdal