Package heimdal-devel

Header and other development files for Heimdal kerberos

Contains files needed to compile and link software using the Heimdal
kerberos headers/libraries.

Version: 7.8.0

General Commands

heimdal-krb5-config give information on how to link code against Heimdal libraries

Library Functions

DES_cbc_cksum alias for hcrypto_des
DES_cbc_encrypt alias for hcrypto_des
DES_cfb64_encrypt alias for hcrypto_des
DES_check_key_parity alias for hcrypto_des
DES_ecb3_encrypt alias for hcrypto_des
DES_ecb_encrypt alias for hcrypto_des
DES_ede3_cbc_encrypt alias for hcrypto_des
DES_encrypt alias for hcrypto_des
DES_init_random_number_generator alias for hcrypto_des
DES_is_weak_key alias for hcrypto_des
DES_key_sched alias for hcrypto_des
DES_new_random_key alias for hcrypto_des
DES_pcbc_encrypt alias for hcrypto_des
DES_random_key alias for hcrypto_des
DES_set_key alias for hcrypto_des
DES_set_key_checked alias for hcrypto_des
DES_set_key_unchecked alias for hcrypto_des
DES_set_odd_parity alias for hcrypto_des
DES_string_to_key alias for hcrypto_des
DH_check_pubkey alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_compute_key alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_free alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_generate_key alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_generate_parameters_ex alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_get_default_method alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_get_ex_data alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_ltm_method alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_new alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_new_method alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_null_method alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_set_default_method alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_set_ex_data alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_set_method alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_size alias for hcrypto_dh
DH_up_ref alias for hcrypto_dh
EVP_BytesToKey alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_block_size alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_cipher alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_cleanup alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ctrl alias for hcrypto_core
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_flags alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_get_app_data alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_init alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_iv_length alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_key_length alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_mode alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_rand_key alias for hcrypto_core
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_app_data alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_key_length alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_block_size alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_iv_length alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CIPHER_key_length alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CipherFinal_ex alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CipherInit_ex alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_CipherUpdate alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_Digest alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_DigestFinal_ex alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_DigestInit_ex alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_DigestUpdate alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_MD_CTX_block_size alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_MD_CTX_cleanup alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_MD_CTX_create alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_MD_CTX_destroy alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_MD_CTX_init alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_MD_CTX_md alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_MD_CTX_size alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_MD_block_size alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_MD_size alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_aes_128_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_aes_128_cfb8 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_aes_192_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_aes_192_cfb8 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_aes_256_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_aes_256_cfb8 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_camellia_128_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_camellia_192_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_camellia_256_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_des_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_des_ede3_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_enc_null alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_get_cipherbyname alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_aes_128_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_aes_128_cfb8 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_aes_192_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_aes_192_cfb8 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_aes_256_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_aes_256_cfb8 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_camellia_128_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_camellia_192_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_camellia_256_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_des_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_des_ede3_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_md4 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_md5 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_rc2_40_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_rc2_64_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_rc2_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_sha1 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_sha256 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_sha384 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_hcrypto_sha512 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_md4 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_md5 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_md_null alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_rc2_40_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_rc2_64_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_rc2_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_rc4 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_rc4_40 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_sha alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_sha1 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_sha256 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_sha384 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_sha512 alias for hcrypto_evp
EVP_wincrypt_des_ede3_cbc alias for hcrypto_evp
OSSL_CIPHER_ALGORITHM alias for hcrypto_evp
OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms alias for hcrypto_core
OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms_conf alias for hcrypto_core
OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms_noconf alias for hcrypto_core
PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC alias for hcrypto_misc
PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC_SHA1 alias for hcrypto_misc
RAND_add alias for hcrypto_rand
RAND_bytes alias for hcrypto_rand
RAND_cleanup alias for hcrypto_rand
RAND_file_name alias for hcrypto_rand
RAND_get_rand_method alias for hcrypto_rand
RAND_load_file alias for hcrypto_rand
RAND_pseudo_bytes alias for hcrypto_rand
RAND_seed alias for hcrypto_rand
RAND_set_rand_engine alias for hcrypto_rand
RAND_set_rand_method alias for hcrypto_rand
RAND_status alias for hcrypto_rand
RAND_write_file alias for hcrypto_rand
RSA_free alias for hcrypto_rsa
RSA_get_app_data alias for hcrypto_rsa
RSA_get_method alias for hcrypto_rsa
RSA_new alias for hcrypto_rsa
RSA_new_method alias for hcrypto_rsa
RSA_set_app_data alias for hcrypto_rsa
RSA_set_method alias for hcrypto_rsa
RSA_up_ref alias for hcrypto_rsa
WINCNG_CIPHER_ALGORITHM alias for hcrypto_evp
arg_printusage alias for getarg
data alias for ntlm_buf
ecalloc exit-on-failure wrapper functions
emalloc alias for ecalloc
eread alias for ecalloc
erealloc alias for ecalloc
esetenv alias for ecalloc
estrdup alias for ecalloc
ewrite alias for ecalloc
getarg collect command line options
gss_accept_sec_context Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_acquire_cred alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_add_cred alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_add_oid_set_member alias for gssapi
gss_canonicalize_name alias for gssapi
gss_compare_name alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_context_time alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_create_empty_oid_set alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_delete_sec_context alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_display_name alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_display_status alias for gssapi
gss_duplicate_name alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_export_name alias for gssapi
gss_export_sec_context alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_get_mic alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_import_name alias for gssapi
gss_import_sec_context alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_indicate_mechs alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_init_sec_context alias for gssapi
gss_inquire_attrs_for_mech alias for gssapi
gss_inquire_context alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_inquire_cred alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_inquire_cred_by_mech alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_inquire_mechs_for_name alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_inquire_names_for_mech alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_inquire_saslname_for_mech alias for gssapi
gss_krb5_ccache_name alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_krb5_compat_des3_mic alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_krb5_copy_ccache alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_krb5_get_tkt_flags alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_krb5_import_ccache alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_krb5_import_cred alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_oid_equal alias for gssapi
gss_process_context_token alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_release_buffer alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_release_cred alias for gssapi
gss_release_iov_buffer alias for gssapi
gss_release_name alias for gssapi
gss_release_oid_set alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_seal alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_sign alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_test_oid_set_member alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_unseal alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_unwrap alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_unwrap_iov alias for gssapi
gss_verify alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_verify_mic alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gss_wrap alias for gssapi
gss_wrap_iov alias for gssapi
gss_wrap_iov_length alias for gssapi
gss_wrap_size_limit alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gssapi Heimdal GSS-API functions
gssapi_mechs_intro GSS-API mechanisms
gssapi_services_intro Introduction to GSS-API services
gsskrb5_extract_authz_data_from_sec_context alias for gss_accept_sec_context
gsskrb5_register_acceptor_identity alias for gss_accept_sec_context
hcrypto_core hcrypto function controlling behavior
hcrypto_des DES crypto functions
hcrypto_dh Diffie-Hellman functions
hcrypto_evp EVP generic crypto functions
hcrypto_misc hcrypto miscellaneous functions
hcrypto_rand RAND crypto functions
hcrypto_rsa RSA functions
hdb__del alias for HDB
hdb__get alias for HDB
hdb__put alias for HDB
hdb_auth_status alias for HDB
hdb_check_constrained_delegation alias for HDB
hdb_check_pkinit_ms_upn_match alias for HDB
hdb_check_s4u2self alias for HDB
hdb_close alias for HDB
hdb_destroy alias for HDB
hdb_entry_ex hdb_entry_ex
hdb_fetch_kvno alias for HDB
hdb_firstkey alias for HDB
hdb_free alias for HDB
hdb_get_realms alias for HDB
hdb_lock alias for HDB
hdb_name alias for HDB
hdb_nextkey alias for HDB
hdb_open alias for HDB
hdb_password alias for HDB
hdb_remove alias for HDB
hdb_rename alias for HDB
hdb_set_sync alias for HDB
hdb_store alias for HDB
hdb_unlock alias for HDB
heim_ntlm_build_ntlm1_master alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_build_ntlm2_master alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_calculate_lm2 alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_calculate_ntlm1 alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_calculate_ntlm2 alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_decode_targetinfo alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_encode_targetinfo alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_encode_type1 alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_encode_type2 alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_encode_type3 alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_free_buf alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_free_targetinfo alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_free_type1 alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_free_type2 alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_free_type3 alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_keyex_unwrap alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_nt_key alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_ntlmv2_key alias for ntlm_core
heim_ntlm_verify_ntlm2 alias for ntlm_core
hx509 hx509 library
hx509_bitstring_print alias for hx509_print
hx509_ca hx509 CA functions
hx509_ca_sign alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_sign_self alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_add_crl_dp_uri alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_add_eku alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_add_san_hostname alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_add_san_jid alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_add_san_ms_upn alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_add_san_otherName alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_add_san_pkinit alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_add_san_rfc822name alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_free alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_init alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_set_ca alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_set_domaincontroller alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_set_notAfter alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_set_notAfter_lifetime alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_set_notBefore alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_set_proxy alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_set_serialnumber alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_set_signature_algorithm alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_set_spki alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_set_subject alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_set_template alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_set_unique alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_subject_expand alias for hx509_ca
hx509_ca_tbs_template_units alias for hx509_ca
hx509_cert hx509 certificate functions
hx509_cert_binary alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_check_eku alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_cmp alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_find_subjectAltName_otherName alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_free alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_get_SPKI alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_get_SPKI_AlgorithmIdentifier alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_get_attribute alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_get_base_subject alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_get_friendly_name alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_get_issuer alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_get_issuer_unique_id alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_get_notAfter alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_get_notBefore alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_get_serialnumber alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_get_subject alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_get_subject_unique_id alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_init alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_init_data alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_keyusage_print alias for hx509_print
hx509_cert_ref alias for hx509_cert
hx509_cert_set_friendly_name alias for hx509_cert
hx509_certs_add alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_certs_append alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_certs_end_seq alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_certs_filter alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_certs_find alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_certs_free alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_certs_info alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_certs_init alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_certs_iter_f alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_certs_merge alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_certs_next_cert alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_certs_start_seq alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_certs_store alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_ci_print_names alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_clear_error_string alias for hx509_error
hx509_cms hx509 CMS/pkcs7 functions
hx509_cms_create_signed_1 alias for hx509_cms
hx509_cms_envelope_1 alias for hx509_cms
hx509_cms_unenvelope alias for hx509_cms
hx509_cms_unwrap_ContentInfo alias for hx509_cms
hx509_cms_verify_signed alias for hx509_cms
hx509_cms_wrap_ContentInfo alias for hx509_cms
hx509_context_free alias for hx509
hx509_context_init alias for hx509
hx509_context_set_missing_revoke alias for hx509_verify
hx509_crl_add_revoked_certs alias for hx509_verify
hx509_crl_alloc alias for hx509_verify
hx509_crl_free alias for hx509_verify
hx509_crl_lifetime alias for hx509_verify
hx509_crl_sign alias for hx509_verify
hx509_crypto hx509 crypto functions
hx509_env hx509 environment functions
hx509_env_add alias for hx509_env
hx509_env_add_binding alias for hx509_env
hx509_env_find alias for hx509_env
hx509_env_find_binding alias for hx509_env
hx509_env_free alias for hx509_env
hx509_env_lfind alias for hx509_env
hx509_err alias for hx509_error
hx509_error hx509 error functions
hx509_free_error_string alias for hx509_error
hx509_free_octet_string_list alias for hx509_misc
hx509_general_name_unparse alias for hx509_name
hx509_get_error_string alias for hx509_error
hx509_get_one_cert alias for hx509_keyset
hx509_keyset hx509 certificate store functions
hx509_lock hx509 lock functions
hx509_misc hx509 misc functions
hx509_name hx509 name functions
hx509_name_binary alias for hx509_name
hx509_name_cmp alias for hx509_name
hx509_name_copy alias for hx509_name
hx509_name_expand alias for hx509_name
hx509_name_free alias for hx509_name
hx509_name_is_null_p alias for hx509_name
hx509_name_to_Name alias for hx509_name
hx509_name_to_string alias for hx509_name
hx509_ocsp_request alias for hx509_revoke
hx509_ocsp_verify alias for hx509_verify
hx509_oid_print alias for hx509_print
hx509_oid_sprint alias for hx509_print
hx509_parse_name alias for hx509_name
hx509_peer hx509 certificate selecting functions
hx509_peer_info_add_cms_alg alias for hx509_peer
hx509_peer_info_alloc alias for hx509_peer
hx509_peer_info_free alias for hx509_peer
hx509_peer_info_set_cert alias for hx509_peer
hx509_peer_info_set_cms_algs alias for hx509_peer
hx509_print hx509 printing functions
hx509_print_cert alias for hx509_cert
hx509_print_stdout alias for hx509_print
hx509_query hx509 query functions
hx509_query_alloc alias for hx509_cert
hx509_query_free alias for hx509_cert
hx509_query_match_cmp_func alias for hx509_cert
hx509_query_match_eku alias for hx509_cert
hx509_query_match_friendly_name alias for hx509_cert
hx509_query_match_issuer_serial alias for hx509_cert
hx509_query_match_option alias for hx509_cert
hx509_query_statistic_file alias for hx509_cert
hx509_query_unparse_stats alias for hx509_cert
hx509_revoke hx509 revokation checking functions
hx509_revoke_add_crl alias for hx509_revoke
hx509_revoke_add_ocsp alias for hx509_revoke
hx509_revoke_free alias for hx509_revoke
hx509_revoke_init alias for hx509_revoke
hx509_revoke_ocsp_print alias for hx509_revoke
hx509_revoke_verify alias for hx509_revoke
hx509_set_error_string alias for hx509_error
hx509_set_error_stringv alias for hx509_error
hx509_unparse_der_name alias for hx509_name
hx509_validate_cert alias for hx509_print
hx509_validate_ctx_add_flags alias for hx509_print
hx509_validate_ctx_free alias for hx509_print
hx509_validate_ctx_init alias for hx509_print
hx509_validate_ctx_set_print alias for hx509_print
hx509_verify hx509 verification functions
hx509_verify_attach_anchors alias for hx509_verify
hx509_verify_attach_revoke alias for hx509_verify
hx509_verify_ctx_f_allow_default_trustanchors alias for hx509_cert
hx509_verify_destroy_ctx alias for hx509_verify
hx509_verify_hostname alias for hx509_cert
hx509_verify_init_ctx alias for hx509_verify
hx509_verify_path alias for hx509_verify
hx509_verify_set_max_depth alias for hx509_verify
hx509_verify_set_proxy_certificate alias for hx509_verify
hx509_verify_set_strict_rfc3280_verification alias for hx509_verify
hx509_verify_set_time alias for hx509_verify
hx509_verify_signature alias for hx509_crypto
hx509_xfree alias for hx509_misc
internal_v_smechname Internal names and mechanism names
k_afs_cell_of_file alias for kafs
k_hasafs alias for kafs
k_hasafs_recheck alias for kafs
k_pioctl alias for kafs
k_setpag alias for kafs
k_unlog alias for kafs
kadm5_add_passwd_quality_verifier alias for krb5_pwcheck
kadm5_check_password_quality alias for krb5_pwcheck
kadm5_pwcheck alias for krb5_pwcheck
kadm5_setup_passwd_quality_check alias for krb5_pwcheck
kafs AFS library
kafs_set_verbose alias for kafs
kafs_settoken alias for kafs
kafs_settoken5 alias for kafs
kafs_settoken_rxkad alias for kafs
krb5 Heimdal Kerberos 5 library
krb524_convert_creds_kdc alias for krb5_v4compat
krb524_convert_creds_kdc_ccache alias for krb5_v4compat
krb5_425_conv_principal converts to and from version 4 principals
krb5_425_conv_principal_ext alias for krb5_425_conv_principal
krb5_524_conv_principal alias for krb5_425_conv_principal
krb5_abort alias for krb5_error
krb5_abortx alias for krb5_error
krb5_acc_ops alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_acl_match_file alias for krb5_support
krb5_acl_match_string alias for krb5_support
krb5_add_et_list alias for krb5
krb5_add_extra_addresses alias for krb5
krb5_add_ignore_addresses alias for krb5
krb5_addlog_dest alias for krb5_initlog
krb5_addlog_func alias for krb5_initlog
krb5_addr2sockaddr alias for krb5_address
krb5_address Heimdal Kerberos 5 address functions
krb5_address_compare alias for krb5_address
krb5_address_order alias for krb5_address
krb5_address_prefixlen_boundary alias for krb5_address
krb5_address_search alias for krb5_address
krb5_afslog alias for kafs
krb5_afslog_uid alias for kafs
krb5_allow_weak_crypto alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_aname_to_localname alias for krb5_support
krb5_anyaddr alias for krb5_address
krb5_appdefault get application configuration value
krb5_appdefault_boolean alias for krb5_appdefault
krb5_appdefault_string alias for krb5_appdefault
krb5_appdefault_time alias for krb5_appdefault
krb5_append_addresses alias for krb5_address
krb5_auth Heimdal Kerberos 5 authentication functions
krb5_auth_con_addflags manage authentication on connection level
krb5_auth_con_free alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_genaddrs alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_generatelocalsubkey alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_getaddrs alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_getauthenticator alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_getflags alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_getkey alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_getlocalsubkey alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_getrcache alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_getremotesubkey alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_getuserkey alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_init alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_initivector alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_removeflags alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_setaddrs alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_setaddrs_from_fd alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_setflags alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_setivector alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_setkey alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_setlocalsubkey alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_setrcache alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_setremotesubkey alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_con_setuserkey alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_context alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_getcksumtype alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_getkeytype alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_getlocalseqnumber alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_getremoteseqnumber alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_auth_setcksumtype alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_setkeytype alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_setlocalseqnumber alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_auth_setremoteseqnumber alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_build_ap_req alias for krb5_mk_req
krb5_build_principal alias for krb5_principal
krb5_build_principal_ext alias for krb5_get_default_principal
krb5_build_principal_va alias for krb5_get_default_principal
krb5_build_principal_va_ext alias for krb5_get_default_principal
krb5_c_block_size Kerberos 5 crypto API
krb5_c_checksum_length alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_c_decrypt alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_c_encrypt alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_c_encrypt_length alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_c_enctype_compare alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_c_get_checksum alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_c_is_coll_proof_cksum alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_c_is_keyed_cksum alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_c_keylength alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_c_make_checksum alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_c_make_random_key alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_c_set_checksum alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_c_valid_cksumtype alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_c_valid_enctype alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_c_verify_checksum alias for krb5_c_block_size
krb5_cc_cache_end_seq_get alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_cache_get_first alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_cache_match alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_cache_next alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_clear_mcred alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_close alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_copy_cache alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_copy_creds alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_copy_match_f alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_default alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_default_name alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_destroy alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_end_seq_get alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_gen_new alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_get_config alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_get_flags alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_get_friendly_name alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_get_full_name alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_get_kdc_offset alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_get_lifetime alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_get_name alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_get_ops alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_get_prefix_ops alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_get_principal alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_get_type alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_get_version alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_initialize alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_last_change_time alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_move alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_new_unique alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_next_cred alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_register alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_remove_cred alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_resolve alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_retrieve_cred alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_set_config alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_set_default_name alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_set_flags alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_set_friendly_name alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_set_kdc_offset alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_start_seq_get alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_store_cred alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_support_switch alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cc_switch alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_ccache Heimdal Kerberos 5 credential cache functions
krb5_ccache_intro The credential cache functions
krb5_cccol_cursor_free alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cccol_cursor_new alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cccol_cursor_next alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_cccol_last_change_time alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_change_password alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_check_transited realm transit verification and encoding/decoding functions
krb5_check_transited_realms alias for krb5_check_transited
krb5_checksum creates, handles and verifies checksums
krb5_checksum_disable alias for krb5_checksum
krb5_checksum_is_collision_proof alias for krb5_checksum
krb5_checksum_is_keyed alias for krb5_checksum
krb5_checksumsize alias for krb5_checksum
krb5_cksumtype_to_enctype alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_cksumtype_valid alias for krb5_checksum
krb5_clear_error_message alias for krb5_error
krb5_clear_error_string alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_closelog alias for krb5_initlog
krb5_compare_creds alias for krb5
krb5_config_file_free alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_free_strings alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_get_bool alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_get_bool_default alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_get_list alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_get_string alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_get_string_default alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_get_strings alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_get_time alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_get_time_default alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_parse_file_multi alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_parse_string_multi alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_config_vget_bool alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_vget_bool_default alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_vget_list alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_vget_string alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_vget_string_default alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_vget_strings alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_vget_time alias for krb5_support
krb5_config_vget_time_default alias for krb5_support
krb5_context create, modify and delete krb5_context structures
krb5_copy_address alias for krb5_address
krb5_copy_addresses alias for krb5_address
krb5_copy_checksum alias for krb5_checksum
krb5_copy_context alias for krb5
krb5_copy_creds alias for krb5
krb5_copy_creds_contents alias for krb5
krb5_copy_data alias for krb5
krb5_copy_host_realm alias for krb5
krb5_copy_keyblock alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_copy_keyblock_contents alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_copy_principal alias for krb5_principal
krb5_copy_ticket alias for krb5
krb5_create_checksum alias for krb5_checksum
krb5_create_checksum_iov alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_credential Heimdal Kerberos 5 credential handing functions
krb5_creds Kerberos 5 credential handling functions
krb5_creds_get_ticket_flags alias for krb5
krb5_crypto Heimdal Kerberos 5 cryptography functions
krb5_crypto_destroy alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_crypto_fx_cf2 alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_crypto_get_checksum_type alias for krb5_checksum
krb5_crypto_getblocksize alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_crypto_getconfoundersize alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_crypto_getenctype alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_crypto_getpadsize alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_crypto_init alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_crypto_iov krb5_crypto_iov
krb5_crypto_overhead alias for krb5_encrypt
krb5_data_alloc alias for krb5
krb5_data_cmp alias for krb5
krb5_data_copy alias for krb5
krb5_data_ct_cmp alias for krb5
krb5_data_free alias for krb5
krb5_data_realloc alias for krb5
krb5_data_zero alias for krb5
krb5_dcc_ops alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_decrypt alias for krb5_encrypt
krb5_decrypt_EncryptedData alias for krb5_encrypt
krb5_decrypt_iov_ivec alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_decrypt_ivec alias for krb5_encrypt
krb5_decrypt_ticket alias for krb5_encrypt
krb5_deprecated Heimdal Kerberos 5 deprecated functions
krb5_digest Heimdal Kerberos 5 digest service
krb5_digest_alloc remote digest (HTTP-DIGEST, SASL, CHAP) support
krb5_digest_free alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_get_a1_hash alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_get_client_binding alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_get_identifier alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_get_opaque alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_get_responseData alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_get_rsp alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_get_server_nonce alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_get_tickets alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_init_request alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_probe alias for krb5_digest
krb5_digest_request alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_authentication_user alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_authid alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_client_nonce alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_digest alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_hostname alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_identifier alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_method alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_nonceCount alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_opaque alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_qop alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_realm alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_server_cb alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_server_nonce alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_type alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_uri alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_digest_set_username alias for krb5_digest_alloc
krb5_domain_x500_decode alias for krb5_check_transited
krb5_domain_x500_encode alias for krb5_check_transited
krb5_eai_to_heim_errno alias for krb5_error
krb5_encrypt encrypt and decrypt data, set and get encryption type parameters
krb5_encrypt_EncryptedData alias for krb5_encrypt
krb5_encrypt_iov_ivec alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_encrypt_ivec alias for krb5_encrypt
krb5_enctype_disable alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_enctype_enable alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_enctype_keysize alias for krb5_encrypt
krb5_enctype_to_string alias for krb5_encrypt
krb5_enctype_valid alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_enctypes_compatible_keys alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_err alias for krb5_error
krb5_error Heimdal Kerberos 5 error reporting functions
krb5_error_from_rd_error alias for krb5_rd_error
krb5_errx alias for krb5_error
krb5_expand_hostname alias for krb5_support
krb5_expand_hostname_realms alias for krb5_support
krb5_fcc_ops alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_fileformats File formats
krb5_find_padata Kerberos 5 pre-authentication data handling functions
krb5_format_time alias for krb5_timeofday
krb5_free_address alias for krb5_address
krb5_free_addresses alias for krb5_address
krb5_free_authenticator alias for krb5_auth_con_addflags
krb5_free_checksum alias for krb5_checksum
krb5_free_checksum_contents alias for krb5_checksum
krb5_free_config_files alias for krb5
krb5_free_context alias for krb5
krb5_free_cred_contents alias for krb5
krb5_free_creds alias for krb5
krb5_free_creds_contents alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_free_data alias for krb5
krb5_free_data_contents alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_free_error alias for krb5_rd_error
krb5_free_error_contents alias for krb5_rd_error
krb5_free_error_message alias for krb5_error
krb5_free_error_string alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_free_host_realm alias for krb5_support
krb5_free_kdc_rep alias for krb5_get_in_tkt
krb5_free_keyblock alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_free_keyblock_contents alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_free_krbhst alias for krb5_get_krbhst
krb5_free_principal alias for krb5_principal
krb5_free_salt alias for krb5_string_to_key
krb5_free_ticket alias for krb5
krb5_free_unparsed_name alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_fwd_tgt_creds alias for krb5_credential
krb5_generate_random alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_generate_random_block alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_generate_subkey alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_generate_subkey_extended alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_get_all_client_addrs return local addresses
krb5_get_all_server_addrs alias for krb5_get_all_client_addrs
krb5_get_cred_from_kdc alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_get_cred_from_kdc_opt alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_get_credentials get credentials from the KDC using krbtgt
krb5_get_credentials_with_flags alias for krb5_get_credentials
krb5_get_creds get credentials from the KDC
krb5_get_creds_opt_add_options alias for krb5_get_creds
krb5_get_creds_opt_alloc alias for krb5_get_creds
krb5_get_creds_opt_free alias for krb5_get_creds
krb5_get_creds_opt_set_enctype alias for krb5_get_creds
krb5_get_creds_opt_set_impersonate alias for krb5_get_creds
krb5_get_creds_opt_set_options alias for krb5_get_creds
krb5_get_creds_opt_set_ticket alias for krb5_get_creds
krb5_get_default_config_files alias for krb5
krb5_get_default_in_tkt_etypes alias for krb5
krb5_get_default_principal Kerberos 5 principal handling functions
krb5_get_default_realm default and host realm read and manipulation routines
krb5_get_default_realms alias for krb5_get_default_realm
krb5_get_dns_canonicalize_hostname alias for krb5
krb5_get_dns_canonize_hostname alias for krb5_context
krb5_get_err_text alias for krb5
krb5_get_error_message alias for krb5_error
krb5_get_error_string alias for krb5_error
krb5_get_extra_addresses alias for krb5
krb5_get_fcache_version alias for krb5
krb5_get_forwarded_creds alias for krb5_credential
krb5_get_host_realm alias for krb5_get_default_realm
krb5_get_ignore_addresses alias for krb5
krb5_get_in_cred alias for krb5_get_in_tkt
krb5_get_in_tkt deprecated initial authentication functions
krb5_get_in_tkt_with_keytab alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_get_in_tkt_with_password alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_get_in_tkt_with_skey alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_get_init_creds Kerberos 5 initial authentication functions
krb5_get_init_creds_keyblock alias for krb5_credential
krb5_get_init_creds_keytab alias for krb5_credential
krb5_get_init_creds_opt alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_alloc alias for krb5_credential
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_free alias for krb5_credential
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_get_error alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_init alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_address_list alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_addressless alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_anonymous alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_canonicalize alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_default_flags alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_etype_list alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_forwardable alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_pa_password alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_paq_request alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_preauth_list alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_proxiable alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_renew_life alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_salt alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_tkt_life alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_win2k alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_get_init_creds_password alias for krb5_credential
krb5_get_kdc_cred alias for krb5_get_credentials
krb5_get_kdc_sec_offset alias for krb5
krb5_get_krb524hst alias for krb5_get_krbhst
krb5_get_krb_admin_hst alias for krb5_get_krbhst
krb5_get_krb_changepw_hst alias for krb5_get_krbhst
krb5_get_krbhst lookup Kerberos KDC hosts
krb5_get_max_time_skew alias for krb5
krb5_get_pw_salt alias for krb5_string_to_key
krb5_get_renewed_creds alias for krb5_get_credentials
krb5_get_server_rcache alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_get_use_admin_kdc alias for krb5
krb5_get_validated_creds alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_get_warn_dest alias for krb5_error
krb5_get_wrapped_length alias for krb5_encrypt
krb5_getportbyname get port number by name
krb5_h_addr2addr alias for krb5_address
krb5_h_addr2sockaddr alias for krb5_address
krb5_h_errno_to_heim_errno alias for krb5_error
krb5_hmac alias for krb5_checksum
krb5_init_context alias for krb5
krb5_init_creds_free alias for krb5_credential
krb5_init_creds_get alias for krb5_credential
krb5_init_creds_get_error alias for krb5_credential
krb5_init_creds_init alias for krb5_credential
krb5_init_creds_intro The initial credential handing functions
krb5_init_creds_set_keytab alias for krb5_credential
krb5_init_creds_set_password alias for krb5_credential
krb5_init_creds_set_service alias for krb5_credential
krb5_init_creds_step alias for krb5_credential
krb5_init_ets alias for krb5
krb5_initlog Heimdal logging functions
krb5_introduction Introduction to the Kerberos 5 API
krb5_is_config_principal alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_is_enctype_weak alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_is_thread_safe alias for krb5
krb5_kerberos_enctypes alias for krb5
krb5_keyblock_get_enctype alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_keyblock_init alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_keyblock_zero alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_keytab Heimdal Kerberos 5 keytab handling functions
krb5_keytab_intro The keytab handing functions
krb5_keytab_key_proc alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_keytype_to_enctypes alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_keytype_to_enctypes_default alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_keytype_to_string alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_krbhst_format_string alias for krb5_krbhst_init
krb5_krbhst_free alias for krb5_krbhst_init
krb5_krbhst_get_addrinfo alias for krb5
krb5_krbhst_init lookup Kerberos KDC hosts
krb5_krbhst_init_flags alias for krb5_krbhst_init
krb5_krbhst_next alias for krb5_krbhst_init
krb5_krbhst_next_as_string alias for krb5_krbhst_init
krb5_krbhst_reset alias for krb5_krbhst_init
krb5_kt_add_entry alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_close alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_compare alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_copy_entry_contents alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_default alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_default_modify_name alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_default_name alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_destroy alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_end_seq_get alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_free_entry alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_get_entry alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_get_full_name alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_get_name alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_get_type alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_have_content alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_next_entry alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_read_service_key alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_register alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_remove_entry alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_resolve alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kt_start_seq_get alias for krb5_keytab
krb5_kuserok alias for krb5_support
krb5_log alias for krb5_initlog
krb5_log_msg alias for krb5_initlog
krb5_make_addrport alias for krb5_address
krb5_make_principal alias for krb5_principal
krb5_max_sockaddr_size alias for krb5_address
krb5_mcc_ops alias for krb5_ccache
krb5_mk_priv alias for krb5_mk_safe
krb5_mk_rep alias for krb5_mk_req
krb5_mk_rep_exact alias for krb5_mk_req
krb5_mk_rep_extended alias for krb5_mk_req
krb5_mk_req create and read application authentication request
krb5_mk_req_exact alias for krb5_mk_req
krb5_mk_req_extended alias for krb5_mk_req
krb5_mk_safe generates integrity protected and/or encrypted messages
krb5_openlog alias for krb5_initlog
krb5_pac Heimdal Kerberos 5 PAC handling functions
krb5_pac_get_buffer alias for krb5_pac
krb5_pac_verify alias for krb5_pac
krb5_padata_add alias for krb5_find_padata
krb5_parse_address alias for krb5_address
krb5_parse_name alias for krb5_principal
krb5_parse_name_flags alias for krb5_principal
krb5_parse_nametype alias for krb5_principal
krb5_passwd_result_to_string alias for krb5_set_password_using_ccache
krb5_password_key_proc alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_plugin_register alias for krb5_support
krb5_prepend_config_files alias for krb5_context
krb5_prepend_config_files_default alias for krb5
krb5_prepend_error_message alias for krb5_error
krb5_princ_realm alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_princ_set_realm alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_principal Heimdal Kerberos 5 principal functions
krb5_principal_compare alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_compare_any_realm alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_get_comp_string alias for krb5_get_default_principal
krb5_principal_get_num_comp alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_get_realm alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_get_type alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_is_anonymous alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_is_gss_hostbased_service alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_is_krbtgt alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_is_lkdc alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_is_null alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_is_pku2u alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_is_root_krbtgt alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_match alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_set_realm alias for krb5_principal
krb5_principal_set_type alias for krb5_principal
krb5_print_address alias for krb5_address
krb5_prompt alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_prompter_posix alias for krb5_get_init_creds
krb5_pwcheck Heimdal warning and error functions
krb5_random_to_key alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_rc_close alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_default alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_default_name alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_default_type alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_destroy alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_expunge alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_get_lifespan alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_get_name alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_get_type alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_initialize alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_recover alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_resolve alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_resolve_full alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_resolve_type alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rc_store alias for krb5_rcache
krb5_rcache Kerberos 5 replay cache
krb5_rd_error parse, free and read error from KRB-ERROR message
krb5_rd_priv alias for krb5_rd_safe
krb5_rd_rep alias for krb5_mk_req
krb5_rd_req alias for krb5_mk_req
krb5_rd_req_ctx alias for krb5_auth
krb5_rd_req_in_ctx_alloc alias for krb5_auth
krb5_rd_req_in_set_keytab alias for krb5_auth
krb5_rd_req_in_set_pac_check alias for krb5_auth
krb5_rd_req_out_ctx_free alias for krb5_auth
krb5_rd_req_out_get_server alias for krb5_auth
krb5_rd_req_with_keyblock alias for krb5_mk_req
krb5_rd_safe verifies authenticity of messages
krb5_realm_compare alias for krb5_principal
krb5_realm_is_lkdc alias for krb5_principal
krb5_ret_address alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_addrs alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_authdata alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_creds alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_creds_tag alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_data alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_int16 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_int32 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_int64 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_int8 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_keyblock alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_principal alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_string alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_stringz alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_times alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_uint16 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_uint32 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_uint64 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_ret_uint8 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_set_config_files alias for krb5
krb5_set_default_in_tkt_etypes alias for krb5
krb5_set_default_realm alias for krb5_get_default_realm
krb5_set_dns_canonicalize_hostname alias for krb5
krb5_set_dns_canonize_hostname alias for krb5_context
krb5_set_error_message alias for krb5_error
krb5_set_error_string alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_set_extra_addresses alias for krb5
krb5_set_fcache_version alias for krb5
krb5_set_home_dir_access alias for krb5
krb5_set_ignore_addresses alias for krb5
krb5_set_kdc_sec_offset alias for krb5
krb5_set_max_time_skew alias for krb5
krb5_set_password alias for krb5
krb5_set_password_using_ccache change password functions
krb5_set_real_time alias for krb5
krb5_set_use_admin_kdc alias for krb5
krb5_set_warn_dest alias for krb5_error
krb5_sname_to_principal alias for krb5_principal
krb5_sock_to_principal alias for krb5_get_default_principal
krb5_sockaddr2address alias for krb5_address
krb5_sockaddr2port alias for krb5_address
krb5_sockaddr_uninteresting alias for krb5_address
krb5_storage Heimdal Kerberos 5 storage functions
krb5_storage_clear_flags alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_emem alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_free alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_from_data alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_from_fd alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_from_mem alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_from_readonly_mem alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_from_socket alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_fsync alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_get_byteorder alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_get_eof_code alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_is_flags alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_read alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_seek alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_set_byteorder alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_set_eof_code alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_set_flags alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_set_max_alloc alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_to_data alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_truncate alias for krb5_storage
krb5_storage_write alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_address alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_addrs alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_authdata alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_creds alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_creds_tag alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_data alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_int16 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_int32 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_int64 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_int8 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_keyblock alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_principal alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_string alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_stringz alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_times alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_uint16 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_uint32 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_uint64 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_store_uint8 alias for krb5_storage
krb5_string_to_deltat alias for krb5_timeofday
krb5_string_to_enctype alias for krb5_encrypt
krb5_string_to_key turns a string to a Kerberos key
krb5_string_to_key_data alias for krb5_string_to_key
krb5_string_to_key_data_salt alias for krb5_string_to_key
krb5_string_to_key_data_salt_opaque alias for krb5_string_to_key
krb5_string_to_key_salt alias for krb5_string_to_key
krb5_string_to_key_salt_opaque alias for krb5_string_to_key
krb5_string_to_keytype alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_support Heimdal Kerberos 5 support functions
krb5_ticket Heimdal Kerberos 5 ticket functions
krb5_ticket_get_authorization_data_type alias for krb5
krb5_ticket_get_client alias for krb5
krb5_ticket_get_endtime alias for krb5
krb5_ticket_get_flags alias for krb5_ticket
krb5_ticket_get_server alias for krb5
krb5_timeofday Kerberos 5 time handling functions
krb5_unparse_name alias for krb5_principal
krb5_unparse_name_fixed alias for krb5_principal
krb5_unparse_name_fixed_flags alias for krb5_principal
krb5_unparse_name_fixed_short alias for krb5_principal
krb5_unparse_name_flags alias for krb5_principal
krb5_unparse_name_short alias for krb5_principal
krb5_us_timeofday alias for krb5_timeofday
krb5_v4compat Heimdal Kerberos 4 compatiblity functions
krb5_vabort alias for krb5_error
krb5_verify_ap_req alias for krb5_mk_req
krb5_verify_checksum alias for krb5_checksum
krb5_verify_checksum_iov alias for krb5_crypto
krb5_verify_init_creds verifies a credential cache is correct by using a local keytab
krb5_verify_init_creds_opt_init alias for krb5_verify_init_creds
krb5_verify_init_creds_opt_set_ap_req_nofail alias for krb5_verify_init_creds
krb5_verify_opt_alloc alias for krb5_verify_user
krb5_verify_opt_free alias for krb5_verify_user
krb5_verify_opt_init alias for krb5_verify_user
krb5_verify_opt_set_ccache alias for krb5_verify_user
krb5_verify_opt_set_flags alias for krb5_verify_user
krb5_verify_opt_set_keytab alias for krb5_verify_user
krb5_verify_opt_set_secure alias for krb5_verify_user
krb5_verify_opt_set_service alias for krb5_verify_user
krb5_verify_user Heimdal password verifying functions
krb5_verify_user_lrealm alias for krb5_verify_user
krb5_verify_user_opt alias for krb5_verify_user
krb5_verr alias for krb5_error
krb5_verrx alias for krb5_error
krb5_vlog alias for krb5_initlog
krb5_vlog_msg alias for krb5_initlog
krb5_vprepend_error_message alias for krb5_error
krb5_vset_error_message alias for krb5_error
krb5_vset_error_string alias for krb5_deprecated
krb5_vwarn alias for krb5_error
krb5_vwarnx alias for krb5_error
krb5_warn alias for krb5_error
krb5_warnx alias for krb5_error
krb5plugin_an2ln_ftable_desc Description of the krb5_aname_to_lname(3) plugin facility.
krb5plugin_db_ftable_desc Description of the krb5 DB plugin facility.
krb5plugin_kuserok_ftable_desc Description of the krb5_kuserok(3) plugin facility.
krb_afslog alias for kafs
krb_afslog_uid alias for kafs
length alias for ntlm_buf
ntlm_buf ntlm_buf
ntlm_core Heimdal NTLM library
ntlm_type1 ntlm_type1
ntlm_type2 ntlm_type2
ntlm_type3 ntlm_type3
page_ca Hx509 CA functions See the library functions here: hx509 CA functions
page_env Hx509 environment functions See the library functions here: hx509 environment functions
page_error Hx509 error reporting functions See the library functions here: hx509 error functions
page_evp EVP — generic crypto interface See the library functions here: EVP generic crypto functions
page_lock Locking and unlocking certificates and encrypted data. See the library functions here: hx509 lock functions
page_print Hx509 printing functions See the library functions here: hx509 printing functions
page_rand RAND — random number See the library functions here: RAND crypto functions
parse_time parse and unparse time intervals
print_time_table alias for parse_time
rtbl format data in simple tables
rtbl_add_column alias for rtbl
rtbl_add_column_by_id alias for rtbl
rtbl_add_column_entry alias for rtbl
rtbl_add_column_entry_by_id alias for rtbl
rtbl_create alias for rtbl
rtbl_destroy alias for rtbl
rtbl_format alias for rtbl
rtbl_get_flags alias for rtbl
rtbl_new_row alias for rtbl
rtbl_set_column_affix_by_id alias for rtbl
rtbl_set_column_prefix alias for rtbl
rtbl_set_flags alias for rtbl
rtbl_set_prefix alias for rtbl
rtbl_set_separator alias for rtbl
unparse_time alias for parse_time
unparse_time_approx alias for parse_time
wind Heimdal wind library
wind_profile alias for wind
wind_punycode_label_toascii alias for wind
wind_stringprep alias for wind
wind_ucs2read alias for wind
wind_ucs2utf8 alias for wind
wind_ucs2utf8_length alias for wind
wind_ucs2write alias for wind
wind_ucs4utf8 alias for wind
wind_ucs4utf8_length alias for wind
wind_utf8ucs2 alias for wind
wind_utf8ucs2_length alias for wind
wind_utf8ucs4 alias for wind
wind_utf8ucs4_length alias for wind


krb5-plugin plugin interface for Heimdal