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Package hatch

A modern project, package, and virtual env manager


Hatch is a modern, extensible Python project manager.


  • Standardized build system with reproducible builds by default
  • Robust environment management with support for custom scripts
  • Easy publishing to PyPI or other sources
  • Version management
  • Configurable project generation with sane defaults
  • Responsive CLI, ~2-3x faster than equivalent tools

Version: 1.9.7

General Commands

hatch hatch – A modern project, package, and virtual env manager
hatch-build hatch build – Build a project
hatch-clean hatch clean – Remove build artifacts
hatch-config hatch config – Manage the config file
hatch-config-explore hatch config explore – Open the config location in your file manager
hatch-config-find hatch config find – Show the location of the config file
hatch-config-restore hatch config restore – Restore the config file to default settings
hatch-config-set hatch config set – Assign values to config file entries
hatch-config-show hatch config show – Show the contents of the config file
hatch-config-update hatch config update – Update the config file with any new fields
hatch-dep hatch dep – Manage environment dependencies
hatch-dep-hash hatch dep hash – Output a hash of the currently defined dependencies
hatch-dep-show hatch dep show – Display dependencies in various formats
hatch-dep-show-requirements hatch dep show requirements – Enumerate dependencies as a list of requirements
hatch-dep-show-table hatch dep show table – Enumerate dependencies in a tabular format
hatch-env hatch env – Manage project environments
hatch-env-create hatch env create – Create environments
hatch-env-find hatch env find – Locate environments
hatch-env-prune hatch env prune – Remove all environments
hatch-env-remove hatch env remove – Remove environments
hatch-env-run hatch env run – Run commands within project environments
hatch-env-show hatch env show – Show the available environments
hatch-fmt hatch fmt – Format and lint source code
hatch-new hatch new – Create or initialize a project
hatch-project hatch project – View project information
hatch-project-metadata hatch project metadata – Display project metadata
hatch-publish hatch publish – Publish build artifacts
hatch-python hatch python – Manage Python installations
hatch-python-find hatch python find – Locate Python binaries
hatch-python-install hatch python install – Install Python distributions
hatch-python-remove hatch python remove – Remove Python distributions
hatch-python-show hatch python show – Show the available Python distributions
hatch-python-update hatch python update – Update Python distributions
hatch-run hatch run – Run commands within project environments
hatch-shell hatch shell – Enter a shell within a project’s environment
hatch-status hatch status – Show information about the current environment
hatch-version hatch version – View or set a project’s version