Package hash-slinger

Generate various DNS records such as RFC-4255 SSHFP and RFC-698 TLSA

This package contains various tools to generate special DNS records:

sshfp       Generate RFC-4255 SSHFP DNS records from known_hosts files
            or ssh-keyscan
tlsa        Generate RFC-6698  TLSA DNS records via TLS
openpgpkey  Generate draft-ietf-dane-openpgpkey DNS records from OpenPGP
ipseckey    Generate RFC-4025 IPSECKEY DNS records on Libreswan
	    IPsec servers

This package supersedes 'sshfp' and 'swede'
General Commands
Command Description
ipseckey Generate IPSECKEY records on libreswan IPsec servers
openpgpkey Create and verify RFC-TBD OPENPGPKEY DNS records
sshfp Generate SSHFP DNS records from knownhosts files or ssh-keyscan
tlsa Create and verify RFC-6698 TLSA DNS records