Package hash-slinger

Generate and verify various DNS records such as SSHFP, TLSA and OPENPGPKEY

This package contains various tools to generate special DNS records:

sshfp       Generate RFC-4255 SSHFP DNS records from known_hosts files
            or ssh-keyscan
tlsa        Generate RFC-6698  TLSA DNS records via TLS
openpgpkey  Generate RFC-7929 DNS records from OpenPGP
ipseckey    Generate RFC-4025 IPSECKEY DNS records on Libreswan
            IPsec servers

This package has incorporated the old 'sshfp' and 'swede' commands/packages

Version: 3.1

General Commands

ipseckey Generate IPSECKEY records on libreswan IPsec servers
openpgpkey Create and verify RFC-TBD OPENPGPKEY DNS records
sshfp Generate SSHFP DNS records from knownhosts files or ssh-keyscan
tlsa Create and verify RFC-6698 TLSA DNS records