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Package harmonyseq

MIDI sequencer designed for live performances


A MIDI software sequencer designed for live performances and jams.

harmonySEQ operates a number of synchronized sequencers, each with its own
pattern, repeating looped melodies of different length, duration and MIDI

Main features include:

  • support for complex polyrhythms
  • multi-pattern configuration for each sequencer
  • customizable action triggers - exceptionally useful for live performances
  • chord management system which allows to easily organize melodies that sound
    great together
  • support for sequencing MIDI control messages
  • an easy-to-use yet powerful interface, with a rich piano-roll pattern

As for now harmonySEQ works on Linux only. It uses ALSA (asound) library, and
GTKmm for graphical interface.

No official user documentation exists at the moment, but you can refer to UI
tooltips - nearly everything has a detailed explanation.

More information can be found on the project’s (dated) website:

Version: 0.17

General Commands

harmonySEQ MIDI sequencer designed for live performances