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Package hamlib

Run-time library to control radio transceivers and receivers


Hamlib provides a standardized programming interface that applications
can use to send the appropriate commands to a radio.

Also included in the package is a simple radio control program 'rigctl',
which lets one control a radio transceiver or receiver, either from
command line interface or in a text-oriented interactive interface.

Version: 4.5.5

General Commands

ampctl control radio amplifiers
ampctld TCP amplifier control daemon
rigctl control radio transceivers and receivers
rigctlcom COM port passthru as TS-2000 emulator to your rig
rigctld TCP radio control daemon
rigmem backup and restore memory of radio transceivers and receivers
rigsmtr measure S-Meter vs azimuth using Hamlib
rigswr measure VSWR vs frequency.
rotctl control antenna rotators
rotctld TCP rotator control daemon


hamlib radio and rotator control library
hamlib-primer compiling and using the radio and rotator control library
hamlib-utilities radio and rotator control utilities of Hamlib