Package gvfs-client

Client modules of backends for the gio framework in GLib

The gvfs package provides client modules of backend implementations for the gio
framework in GLib.

General Commands
Command Description
gvfs-cat gvfs-cat
gvfs-copy gvfs-copy
gvfs-info gvfs-info
gvfs-less Execute less on the output of gvfs-cat
gvfs-ls gvfs-ls
gvfs-mime gvfs-mime
gvfs-mkdir gvfs-mkdir
gvfs-monitor-dir gvfs-monitor-dir
gvfs-monitor-file gvfs-monitor-file
gvfs-mount gvfs-mount
gvfs-move gvfs-move
gvfs-open gvfs-open
gvfs-rename gvfs-rename
gvfs-rm gvfs-rm
gvfs-save gvfs-save
gvfs-set-attribute gvfs-set-attribute
gvfs-trash gvfs-trash
gvfs-tree gvfs-tree
Name Description
gvfs GIO virtual file system