Package gumbo-parser-devel

Development files for gumbo-parser

The gumbo-parser-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use gumbo-parser.

Library Functions (Section 3)
A struct representing a single attribute on an HTML tag. This is a name-value pair, but also includes information about source locations and original source...
Information specific to document nodes.
The struct used to represent all HTML elements. This contains information about the tag, attributes, and child nodes.
#include <stdbool.h> #include <stddef.h> #include 'tag_enum.h'Data Structuresstruct GumboSourcePosition struct GumboStringPiece struct GumboVector struct...
A supertype for GumboElement and GumboText, so that we can include one generic type in lists of children and cast as necessary to subtypes. Forward declaration...
Input struct containing configuration options for the parser. These let you specify alternate memory managers, provide different error handling, etc. Use...
The output struct containing the results of the parse.
A struct representing a character position within the original text buffer. Line and column numbers are 1-based and offsets are 0-based, which matches how most...
A struct representing a string or part of a string. Strings within the parser are represented by a char* and a length; the char* points into an existing data...
The struct used to represent TEXT, CDATA, COMMENT, and WHITESPACE elements. This contains just a block of text and its position.
A simple vector implementation. This stores a pointer to a data array and a length. All elements are stored as void*; client code must cast to the appropriate...