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Package guilt

Scripts to manage quilt-like patches on top of git


Guilt allows one to use quilt functionality on top of a Git repository.
Changes are maintained as patches which are committed into Git. Commits can
be removed or reordered, and the underlying patch can be refreshed based on
changes made in the working directory. The patch directory can also be
placed under revision control, so you can have a separate history of changes
made to your patches.

Version: 0.36

General Commands

guilt-add Add a file to git and guilt
guilt-applied List applied patches
guilt-branch Branch the entire patch series
guilt-commit Commit specified number of patches
guilt-delete Delete a patch
guilt-diff Outputs various diffs
guilt-export Export a patch series (to be used by quilt)
guilt-files Print the list of files that the topmost patch changes
guilt-fold Fold a specified patch into the topmost applied patch
guilt-fork Fork the topmost applied patch
guilt-graph Create a patch dependency graph
guilt-guard Assign guards to patches
guilt-header Print a patch header
guilt-help open man page of a guilt command
guilt-import Import specified patch file
guilt-import-commit Import one or more commits as patches
guilt-init Initialize guilt for use in a git repository
guilt-new Create a new patch
guilt-next Output the name of next patch to be pushed
guilt-patchbomb Email a series of commits interactively
guilt-pop Pop patches from the tree
guilt-prev Output name of second topmost applied patch
guilt-push Push patches onto the tree
guilt-rebase Rebase pushed patches
guilt-refresh Refresh topmost applied patch
guilt-repair Repair the repository state
guilt-rm Remove a file from the git tree and guilt
guilt-select Select guards to apply when pushing patches
guilt-series Print the stack of patches
guilt-status Print the status of files since the last refresh
guilt-top Output name of topmost applied patch
guilt-unapplied List all unapplied patches


guilt quilt on top of git