Package guestfs-tools

Tools to access and modify virtual machine disk images

guestfs-tools is a set of tools that can be used to make batch
configuration changes to guests, get disk used/free statistics
(virt-df), perform backups and guest clones, change
registry/UUID/hostname info, build guests from scratch (virt-builder)
and much more.

Virt-alignment-scan scans virtual machines looking for partition
alignment problems.

Virt-builder is a command line tool for rapidly making disk images
of popular free operating systems.

Virt-cat is a command line tool to display the contents of a file in a
virtual machine.

Virt-customize is a command line tool for customizing virtual machine
disk images.

Virt-df is a command line tool to display free space on virtual
machine filesystems.  Unlike other tools, it doesn’t just display the
amount of space allocated to a virtual machine, but can look inside
the virtual machine to see how much space is really being used.  It is
like the df(1) command, but for virtual machines, except that it also
works for Windows virtual machines.

Virt-diff shows the differences between virtual machines.

Virt-edit is a command line tool to edit the contents of a file in a
virtual machine.

Virt-filesystems is a command line tool to display the filesystems,
partitions, block devices, LVs, VGs and PVs found in a disk image
or virtual machine.  It replaces the deprecated programs
virt-list-filesystems and virt-list-partitions with a much more
capable tool.

Virt-format is a command line tool to erase and make blank disks.

Virt-get-kernel extracts a kernel/initrd from a disk image.

Virt-inspector examines a virtual machine and tries to determine the
version of the OS, the kernel version, what drivers are installed,
whether the virtual machine is fully virtualized (FV) or
para-virtualized (PV), what applications are installed and more.

Virt-log is a command line tool to display the log files from a
virtual machine.

Virt-ls is a command line tool to list out files in a virtual machine.

Virt-make-fs is a command line tool to build a filesystem out of
a collection of files or a tarball.

Virt-resize can resize existing virtual machine disk images.

Virt-sparsify makes virtual machine disk images sparse (thin-provisioned).

Virt-sysprep lets you reset or unconfigure virtual machines in
preparation for cloning them.

Virt-tail follows (tails) a log file within a guest, like 'tail -f'.

Version: 1.49.6

General Commands

guestfs-tools-release-notes-1.48 guestfs tools release Notes
virt-alignment-scan Check alignment of virtual machine partitions
virt-builder Build virtual machine images quickly
virt-builder-repository Build virt-builder source repository easily
virt-cat Display files in a virtual machine
virt-customize Customize a virtual machine
virt-df Display free space on virtual filesystems
virt-diff Differences between files in two virtual machines
virt-edit Edit a file in a virtual machine
virt-filesystems List filesystems, partitions, block devices, LVM in a virtual machine or disk image
virt-format Erase and make a blank disk
virt-get-kernel Extract kernel and ramdisk from guests
virt-index-validate Validate virt-builder index file
virt-inspector Display operating system version and other information about a virtual machine
virt-log Display log files from a virtual machine
virt-ls List files in a virtual machine
virt-make-fs Make a filesystem from a tar archive or files
virt-resize Resize a virtual machine disk
virt-sparsify Make a virtual machine disk sparse
virt-sysprep Reset, unconfigure or customize a virtual machine so clones can be made
virt-tail Follow (tail) files in a virtual machine