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Package gts

GNU Triangulated Surface Library


GTS provides a set of useful functions to deal with 3D surfaces meshed
with interconnected triangles including collision detection,
multiresolution models, constrained Delaunay triangulations and robust
set operations (union, intersection, differences).

Version: 0.7.6

See also: gts-devel.

General Commands

gts2dxf converts a GTS file to DXF format.
gts2oogl converts a GTS file to OOGL file format (Geomview).
gts2stl converts a GTS file to STL format
gts2xyz samples a GTS file on a regular grid at intervals DX.
gtscheck checks that a surface defines a closed, orientable non self-intersecting manifold.
gtscompare compare two GTS files.
gtsdelaunay constructs the constrained Delaunay triangulation of the input
gtshapprox returns a simplified triangulation of a set of points using algorithm III of Garland and Heckbert (1995).
gtstemplate generates of a template used to create new object classes.
gtstransform apply geometric transformations to the input.
stl2gts convert an STL file to GTS format.