Package gtkwave

Waveform Viewer

GTKWave is a waveform viewer that can view VCD files produced by most Verilog
simulation tools, as well as LXT files produced by certain Verilog simulation

Version: 3.3.111

General Commands

evcd2vcd Converts EVCD files to VCD files
fst2vcd Converts FST files to VCD
fstminer Data mining of FST files
gtkwave Visualization tool for VCD, LXT, LXT2, VZT, FST, and GHW files
lxt2miner Data mining of LXT2 files
lxt2vcd Converts LXT2 files to VCD
rtlbrowse Allows hierarchical browsing of Verilog HDL source code and library design files.
shmidcat Copies stdin/file to a shared memory block for gtkwave(1)
twinwave Wraps multiple GTKWave sessions in one window or two synchronized windows
vcd2fst Converts VCD files to FST files
vcd2lxt Converts VCD files to interlaced or linear LXT files
vcd2lxt2 Converts VCD files to LXT2 files
vcd2vzt Converts VCD files to VZT files
vzt2vcd Converts VZT files to VCD
vztminer Data mining of VZT files
xml2stems Verilator XML to rtlbrowse stems conversion.

File Formats

gtkwaverc GTKWave Configuration File