Package grub2-tools-extra

Support tools for GRUB.

The GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB) is a highly configurable and
customizable bootloader with modular architecture. It supports a rich
variety of kernel formats, file systems, computer architectures and
hardware devices.

This subpackage provides tools for support of all platforms.

Version: 2.06

See also: grub2-tools, grub2-tools-efi, grub2-tools-minimal.

General Commands

grub2-fstest Debug tool for GRUB's filesystem driver.
grub2-kbdcomp Generate a GRUB keyboard layout file.
grub2-mkfont Convert common font file formats into the PF2 format.
grub2-mklayout Generate a GRUB keyboard layout file.
grub2-mknetdir Prepare a GRUB netboot directory.
grub2-mkrescue Generate a GRUB rescue image using GNU Xorriso.
grub2-mkstandalone Generate a standalone image in the selected format.
grub2-syslinux2cfg Transform a syslinux config file into a GRUB config.