Package grub2-tools

Support tools for GRUB.

The GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB) is a highly configurable and customizable
bootloader with modular architecture. It support rich varietyof kernel formats,
file systems, computer architectures and hardware devices. This subpackage
provides tools for support of all platforms.

General Commands
Command Description
grub2-editenv Manage the GRUB environment block.
grub2-file Check if FILE is of specified type.
grub2-fstest Debug tool for GRUB's filesystem driver.
grub2-glue-efi Create an Apple fat EFI binary.
grub2-kbdcomp Generate a GRUB keyboard layout file.
grub2-menulst2cfg Convert a configuration file from GRUB 0.xx to GRUB 2.xx format.
grub2-mkfont Convert common font file formats into the PF2 format.
grub2-mkimage Make a bootable GRUB image.
grub2-mklayout Generate a GRUB keyboard layout file.
grub2-mknetdir Prepare a GRUB netboot directory.
grub2-mkpasswd-pbkdf2 Generate a PBKDF2 password hash.
grub2-mkrelpath Generate a relative GRUB path given an OS path.
grub2-mkrescue Generate a GRUB rescue image using GNU Xorriso.
grub2-mkstandalone Generate a standalone image in the selected format.
grub2-render-label Render an Apple disk label.
grub2-script-check Check GRUB configuration file for syntax errors.
grub2-syslinux2cfg Transform a syslinux config file into a GRUB config.
Library Functions
Library Function Description
grub2-get-kernel-settings Evaluate the system's kernel installation settings for use while making a grub...
System Administration
Command Description
grub2-bios-setup Set up images to boot from a device.
grub2-install Install GRUB on a device.
grub2-macbless Mac-style bless utility for HFS or HFS+
grub2-mkconfig Generate a GRUB configuration file.
grub2-ofpathname Generate an IEEE-1275 device path for a specified device.
grub2-probe Probe device information for a given path.
grub2-reboot Set the default boot menu entry for the next boot only.
grub2-rpm-sort Sort input according to RPM version compare.
grub2-set-default Set the default boot menu entry for GRUB.
grub2-setpassword Generate the user.cfg file containing the hashed grub bootloader password.
grub2-sparc64-setup Set up a device to boot a sparc64 GRUB image.